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Maybe Deprecated

These days, it seems all the cool kids are using GitHub. All the projects here can all be found at https://github.com/wdr1.

    A Reddit bot that posts a new Calvin & Hobbes strip each day.
Smug Mug Bulk Download Last Modified: [an error occurred while processing this directive]
    Download all the photos & videos in a public gallery. Also sets the timestamp on the local file to be correct. (I.e., so they're not all "today.")
Read It Now Last Modified: Sunday, 05-Feb-2012 19:48:03 PST
    A Chrome extension that provides a Google Reader-eque interface to Read It Later. Very ugly UI. Source here.
import_ratings Last Modified: Friday, 13-Aug-2010 21:57:49 PDT
    A Python script to import your iTunes song ratings on a new machine.
    A Perl module to take the tedious bits out of file iterators. It can easily be configured to preseve state (so jobs can be restarted if they unexpectantly die (^C or otherwise), emit status, auto-chomp, etc.)
Calvin & Hobbes RSS Feed Last Modified: Tuesday, 19-Jan-2021 03:05:01 PST
    Updated nightly at 3am, have your morning cup of Calvin & Hobbes delivered to your favorite RSS aggregator.

    If interested, the source.

mbox-dedup.pl Last Modified: [an error occurred while processing this directive]
    A perl script to remove duplicate email messages from an mbox file. Especially useful if you've ever had Eudora lose track of where it is in regards to your POP server & pull down the same message multiple times.
beer.sh Last Modified: Friday, 15-Sep-2000 17:48:12 PDT
    Shortly after this, a lot of people regretted me learning shell arithmetic.

Definitely Deprecated

tushar.pl Last Modified: Friday, 15-Sep-2000 17:48:12 PDT
mirror-toread.pl Last Modified: Friday, 13-Aug-2010 21:57:50 PDT
    Ever want to download online articles to read on the plane? This script mirrors local copies of articles you've taggd with 'toread' on delicious. (Emphasis on hack for this one.)

    Deprecated. Apparently I should have made this into a service 5 years ago & gotten VC funding. Use Read It Later or Instapaper.

MyWeb2 Export Last Modified: Wednesday, 03-May-2006 14:39:57 PDT
Amazon Wishlist Printer Last Modified: [an error occurred while processing this directive]
    A simple CGI to make it easy to print out your wishlist and take it to the store with you.

    Just enter your ID and you're off:
    If you don't know your ID, just surf on over to your wishlist and extract it from the URL, right after the registry part.

    For example, the wishlist to my URL is:


    making my user ID '10UTC93SDBGJR'. (Which also happens to be the default if you search without an ID. ;-)

    You can bookmark the URL that shows the search results, so you needn't go thru this page anymore.

    Deprecated. Amazon started offering the ability to print wishlists a few years ago.

email2mt.pl Last Modified: Saturday, 01-Feb-2003 10:29:05 PST
    Post to you Moveable Type weblog via email!

    Not terribly secure, but you can set a procmail recipe like so:

    :0 c
    * ^Subject: [PostToBlog]
    | $HOME/bin/email2mt.pl
    That will route any message with [PostToBlog] in the subject to the script, and thru that, to your blog.

    Deprecated. Who still uses Moveable Type?

slashsig.pl Last Modified: Friday, 13-Aug-2010 21:57:50 PDT
    Update your Slashdot automatically! Currently allows you to update it with either your karma level or your system uptime.

    Deprecated. Who still uses Slashdot?

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