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MyWeb2 Export

MyWeb2 is a social bookmarking site, much like delicious. They have a lot in common, but there's one glaring difference: whereas delicious readily imports and exports, MyWeb2 really only imports. It kinda sucks if you give MyWeb a whirl and then find yourself trapped in it.

Such was my case.

On the up, do they do have a snazzy REST API, making it pretty easy to hack something together. When you enter your Yahoo user id, it'll fetch your MyWeb2 bookmarks & create an HTML bookmark file (similar to the delicious export format). You can then take this file and import it into delicious.

source: [ export.pl ] [ delicious.tt ]

Based on the number of bookmarks you have, this can take up 30-40 seconds, so please be patient. Also note that the MyWeb api limits requests to the first 1,000.

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