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Update your Slashdot signature automatically!

Currently, you can update your sig with:

The intention is you can run it from crontab to automatically your signature to predefinted intervals.

Usage is such:

slashsig.pl --user= --password= [--help] [--version]
             [--no-star] [--baseurl=site]

--user        - your slashdot user name
--password    - your slashdot password
--no-star     - turn off the tiny little star that links others
                back to the SlashSig page
--siggen      - how to update your signature
                - karma: with your karma level   (Default)
                - uptime: with your system's uptime
                  (nothing like bragging 'bout your days uptime ;)
--baseurl     - the Slash site to update   (Default: http://slashdot.org)
--quotefile   - file to read quotes from when using siggen=quote
                - default is ~/.slashsigs
                - file format is:
                    sig { optional quote name (unused) } { quote }
                - use --quotefile=~/.gaimrc to use your gaim away messages

  Author: William Reardon, wdr1@pobox.com
Homepage: http://www.wdr1.com/projects/slashsig/

The inspiration is from Usenet & the various .sig tricks people would do. The most common was to make your .sig a named pipe that would automatically cycle through pitty quotes or something like that. Since we can't do that on Slashdot, we'll have to use cron & some HTTP communication.

If you can think of other things that would be neat to update your sig with, feel free to drop me an email (or even a patch -- the code is intended to make it simple to drop in new functionality like that).

Anyway, that's about it. To be honest, I'm kinda embarrased I wrote this. Devil, idle hands, and all that I guess.

<William Reardon> wdr1+web@pobox.com