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Login: wdr1                            Name: William Reardon
Directory: /home/wdr1                  Shell: /bin/bash
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   1 minute idle
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Email: wdr1@pobox.com
URL: http://www.wdr1.com/
Snail Mail: Santa Monica, CA
LinkedIn: billreardon
Twitter: wdr1
Facebook: william.reardon
G+: 106756159838025468091
Occupation: Software Engineer
Undergrad: University of Chicago
Degree: Computer Science
Close Second: Mathematics
Employer: Google
Before that: Ticketmaster
Before that: Yahoo! Inc.
Before that: PETsMART.com
Before that: Townsend Analytics, Ltd.
Before that: National Housewares Manufacturers Association
Before that: University of Chicago's Ryerson Maclab

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