Nugget Nirvana

"Because it's there" - Why climbers climb mountains

One might say I've been to McDonalds a few times, maybe too many times. Okay, way, way, way, too many times.

I used to go there everyday for lunch. There isn't much around where I work. It was fast, it was cheap, and it was convenient. However, when my friend Sang started working with me at the NHMA, he quickly broke me of the habit. We go to lunch together, and he simply couldn't handle eating McDonalds everyday. He said it was killing him. I say he's a wuss. Anyway.

So we stopped going there. Not all together, but on a regular basis. But that's not what stopped me from going there. (It wouldn't make much of a story if it were.)

It was the 50 Nugget Special. You see, McDonald's came up with this Superbowl promotion of a bucket of 50 nuggets for $10. Neat, I thought. I'd have to go to McDonalds around half-time with a few other friends and have a nugget eating contest.

I didn't know if I could eat 50, but secretly I wondered. Well, the Superbowl rolled around, and with all the other food at halftime, I plumb forgot about the nuggets until a few days latter. I was driving down the road and saw the McDonalds where I had first seen the special and noticed it was gone. Oh well, I thought, I figured I'd missed my chance for nugget nirvana.

Until I got to work a few weeks latter that is. Out of nowhere, the McDonalds up there put up a sign advertising the same special. I mentioned it to Sang, and told we should go there over lunch to get 50 each or something. He started laughing. One of our co-workers overheard us talking and offered to get me 50 nuggets if I could eat them all. I had already boosted about other strange eating contests from college, so with my honor on the line, I agreed.

So Sang went out with her money and came back with 50 nuggets.

And I ate 'em.

All of them.

All FIFTY of them.

It cost me though. Man, did it ever. I've felt so awful in my life.

I could have understood feeling sick to my stomach or something like that, maybe even dying of heart-attack right then, but no none of that happened. I got a headache. A grease headache.

It felt kinda like Brain Freeze. Not exactly, but equally unpleasant. Although at least with a Brain Freeze, you know what is going on. I'd never had a grease headache before. Neither had anyone else I'd known. I knew I'd done something really wrong if I was pushing the envelope in grease side-effects.

There was an upside. Eating 50 nuggets pretty much exorcises any desire to eat a nugget again from your system.

It's probably for the best anyway.