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Green Day & Digital Cameras

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Tuesday was the LA leg of the Green Day tour. It was also the last leg of the US tour, which is funny as it means I caught the last US show, while my brother, Jimmy in Seattle, caught the first.

Not much to say other than it was a great show. Expectations were set high from Bullet in a Bible and they delivered. Probably my favorite moment was the music for “Longview” started. Billie Joe ask the audience who knows the words & wants to come up on stage & sing it. A lot did, but he decided to pull up a 12 year old kid to sing it, word-for-word. Credit where credit is due, that’s a moment the kid will never forget & he rocked out on stage like he knew it.

I captured a few videos, as did others In fact, looking out over the audience, there were tons of little points of blue light interspersed through crowd, as people held up their cameras to get a shot or record their favorite song. I counted just under 50 before giving up & that’s with only a partial view of the audience.

I look forward to the day when artists embrace the fan content being generated. Imagine a mash-up of the video from the hundreds of cameras, cutting in from the fan watching the whole stage to the fan upfront who’s best friend Billie Joe is pulling up onto the stage. The collection of related videos is easily solved through tagging. The audio gives a means for syncing all the footage starting & stopping at different points (although handling the distortion + other noise (nearby fans shouting) would be hard.

Still, it’d be cool to see.

Anyway, speaking of distortion, here’s the rest of my videos.