My Ear Won’t Pop

I flew back to LA this afternoon, several hours ago in fact, and my right ear still hasn’t popped. I have a cold, with congestion focused especially on the right side of my sinuses. For whatever reason, that seems to be keeping that ear from popping. I’ve tried yawning (a lot), chewing gum, holding my nose and blowing… everything, but nothing.

My left one popped right after landing (per usual), but the right one simply refuses. So now everything sounds funny. Really funny. The left ear hears normal, but through my right ear, it’s like I’m still on the plane. It could be the cold, but it seems this audio disconnect is giving my brain a headache to boot.

As if being sick wasn’t unpleasant enough.

Man, this sucks.

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  1. Erika Says:

    Sometimes, a big strong sneeze helps to pop ears.

  2. Jim Says:

    …or rupture eardrums.

    I’ve heard a case of beer solves this problem.

  3. Barb Says:

    Guess you’ve been out here in the midwest…we are pretty much all suffering from the same thing.
    ps….prob should run to the doctor for this one. (with apologies for always being a mom)

  4. Scott Says:

    I had this happen to me after flying with a cold. It took about 5 days or so for it to finally pop. Boy did that feel great when it finally did!

  5. neb Says:

    blow your nose that always does it for me eventually

  6. brandon Says:

    just have sang pee in your ear — his Korean urine has strong healing properties.

  7. andrew Says:

    my ear is doing the same thing. i havent flown or changed elevation lately either. its super annoying. I heard that the passage way that allows your ears to equalize is located in the back of your throat and if you have had any congestion problems or sinus, it can actually cause a mucas build up that puts pressure on the tubes of the passage way blocking one or both of them. Right know im going with the bashing head against wall until i fall down and pass out.then i redo it if i awaken and still have the problem. If you cant do that, go find a black guy and get some marijuana and smoke it. it will at least make ur ear problem seem sycadelic.

  8. Lisa Says:

    You might try taking a product like benadryl which will shrink the inflamed area and allow the ears to pop.

  9. Alison Says:

    my ears fricken hurt you guys suck, send me some of sang’s urine

  10. tom Says:

    the same exact thing just happend to me
    i too have a cold. at least this means im not crazy

  11. RaymonWazerri Says:

    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  12. liz Says:

    so, william did you have any luck with your ear situation. if so, please help. i went on a cruise in jan and 3 months later, my balance is still off and my as not completely popped or rather it will not stay popped. i have been to doc and and ent, but nothing has yet to totally get me back to normal. you are correct…this sucks!! well, let me know if you found anything or anyone that helped.

  13. liz Says:

    so, william did you have any luck with your ear situation? if so, please help. i went on a cruise in jan and 3 months later, my balance is still off and my as not completely popped or rather it will not stay popped. i have been to doc and and ent, but nothing has yet to totally get me back to normal. you are correct…this sucks!! well, let me know if you found anything or anyone that helped.

  14. wdr1 Says:

    Liz, my ear cleared up by itself a day or two later. Sorry I don’t have anything better. My recommendation would be to see a doctor, but sounds like you’ve already tried that…

  15. keisha Says:

    try drinking something hot like tea or lemon and honey. stay away from dairy which could clog up your sinus more…hope that helps!!!

  16. Alison Says:

    Liz…from what I’m reading if this problem continues for an extended period of time it could be Meniere’s Disease, which is a problem with the middle ear not connected to a cold or whatnot. You might want to ask your docs about it.

  17. jamie Says:

    omg, this has happened to me not, ive got a cold and my right ear kept going on and off, popping and unpopping, but its just popped now and is pretty sour, and wont go back to normal, plzzzzz help…

  18. jamie Says:

    Oh and if i put vodka on a cotten ball then put that in my ear will that work?

  19. Amanda Says:

    Sounds like you have congestion. Basically your stuffed up and your eustachian tube not opening which regulates the presure in your ear. My ENT suggested I use Afrin Nose spray and take Sudafed when I flew (spray 20 minute before take off). But this sounds like a combination of a cold and a flight. My advice, take sudafed every 4 hours and use Afrin nose spray twice a day. Your ear will relax and pop in 1-3 days. The only other way is steroids from your doctor, but they take about the same time.

  20. TomS Says:

    Just push in the little flap by your earhole to close off all sound and you’ll feel it pop eventually :)

  21. Erin Says:

    Thank you! I just got off a plane with the same thing (flew with a cold and my right ear won’t pop). I so appreciate knowing it’ll go away, I was afraid I had caused permanent damage or something.

  22. Erik Says:

    I went to the mountains this weekend, with a cold. On the way down it didn’t pop once. I woke up this morning thinking it would be gone… boy was I wrong. This sucks… it annoys me So badly… ive tried everything im going to go crazy… :(

  23. Lori Says:

    Fly every week for work and this was the first week that my right ear popped and won’t pop back — been this way for two days –Pharmacist recomended Benadryl — which I’ve been taking religiously but it hasn’t helped for squat.

    Feel like have major blob stuck in throat as well, which isn’t helping the effort to swallow hard or sneeze.
    Tried the nose blow trick about 20 times, no luck…

    Blob in the throat and a blocked ear — can’t hear for squat and my head feels like its going to blow off — somebody PLEASE HELP!!

  24. alisha Says:

    I have the same problem going. Tomorrow will be a week, I did benadryl, Sudaphed, Nose spray, Allegra, (not all at once) and steroidal nose spray, I am DESPERATE……..can I put nose spray in my ear….desperate thoughts from a desperate person….I wanna scream!!!

  25. Michelle Says:

    I’ve got the same problem for a few hours– but I’m still desperate! Desperate enough to google “pop ear won’t pop back” and find this site! I’ve just tried Mucinex since everyone here seems to say it’s because of mucus.

  26. Michelle Too Says:

    OMG! I’m not alone! I have had the nastiest congestion since Sunday morning and now I can’t pop my ears. I tried to pop them last night a few times, only got some squealing (and my hopes up), but nothing permanent.

    Went to the doc yesterday who gave me a nose spray, which does nothing but taste nasty, and told me to get a Neti Pot!! I had no idea what that was, but it’s like a little teapot that you fill with water and saline solution and pour it IN YOUR NOSTRIL until it comes out the other side!! LOL!! I did it. I didn’t work, but man did that ever feel bizarre. I’m going to try it again tonight, if not to help, just to gross my husband out.

    Anyone try any ear drops? Or that bulb thing they use to clean wax out of childrens’ ears?

  27. Ryan Says:

    Same exact thing here. Went skiing while sick with a cold in high altitudes in CO, and upon descent, neither ear popped until late that night. Flew back to sea level the next day, and haven’t had me ears pop since the flight a week ago. Tried the netti pot, full regimen of decongestants and nasal sprays, breathing steam, yawning, gum, etc. No Dice. I’ve tried ear candles, but the problem isn’t the actual ear being congested, it’s sinus congestion pressing on the ear canal I think. Anyone better yet?

  28. tom Says:

    same for me – my right one just wont go. strange how always seems to be the right one…

  29. Andy Says:

    Me too – 1 week now – was both ears now just the right…

    I had a sore throat before getting on the plane, at descent the sore throat seemed to push up into my ears.

    Had two goes at acupuncture – one go at cranial osteopathy, every over the counter drug I was recommended, antibiotics, but its still blocked….

    Was supposed to fly to LA for a meeting yesterday, had to cancel – its horrid and insane…

    Did some-one who posted above find a CURE!?! beyond waiting?

    My doctor said it could take 4-6 weeks to ‘pop’ – is she crazy – I work in a recording studio – what am I supposed to do?


  30. David Says:

    Same thing happened to me went on holdays just under two weeks ago had a sore throat and my ears blocked on the descent and are still blocked. I have this problem alot but they clear after an hour or so this time the right one is especially blocked. Went to two doctors they prescribed anti-biotics “augmentin”, rhinocort spray, vicks inahler and friars balsam. Done all this for a fews days and still blocked seems to get worse when I drink alcohol so I am going to stop that. Tried a squillion times to hold my nose and blow but that is dangerous as it can blow your ear drum. My doc said it will take two weeks yo clear after the medication it has been 5 days and still waiting if anything it is getting worse.

    Last resort is they make a samll incision in the ear to release the pressure but it is ancient technology and not recommended.

    Still waiting patiently and will let you know if the concotion I am using is helping.


  31. Emily Says:

    4-6 weeks?! No way! I am having the same problem right now. I flew yesterday and have had a headcold for the past week or so.

    My right ear won’t pop and like everyone else I have tried everything (gum, yawning, blowing while plugging my nose, decongestants, etc.). This morning I took Claritin and Robitussin so maybe that will work. If it take 4-6 weeks I will go insane. I can deal with maybe 3-5 days, but next Friday I have to fly again so I hope I’m not sick by then!

  32. Kell Says:

    Five days for me, in the right ear. I hold my nose and blow and get the worst transistor squeal you can imagine. Not sure if that can blow your eardrum out or what! Doc put me on Rescon and Amoxicillin (as it started at the end of a sinus infection).

  33. david Says:

    went 2 the doc yesterday for the 2nd time (for the left ear not popping) (yea, flew to vegas while sick, but it was vegas, how could i not go) gave me allegra and some other nose spray stuff, the first time he gave me zithromax z pack. (grrrrreeeaaat, get over the cold and get allergies!!) i told him i wanted a referral to a ear nose and throat doc – he said that i have to wait for it to pop itself. im making the appointment tomorrow for the ent, my friend told me they put a hole in your eardrum or something, sounds scary but i want this to go away, the sound of my heartbeat is really getting on my nerves. remember this guys, ear nose and throat specialist!

  34. Chris Says:

    Man I have had this problem for months now, talk about driving you nuts. I am one of those won’t go to the doctor unless I’m dying types but this has got to go. I am making an apointment with an ENT, hopefully something comes of it. I can hear my back crunch when I walk, my heart beat when I am working out, an echo inside my head, really quite freaky. The worst part of it all is hearing myself breathe, makes me want to hold my breath when on the phone, then I run out of breath and can’t talk right. Really sucks, hope everyone finds a cure….. I’ll let you know if I get this fixed.

  35. Broeck Says:

    Just arrived home to LA from Vegas with mild head congestion before getting on the plane. Same problem, right ear won’t pop completely although it seems to be getting better. I have been able to relieve some of the pressure by tilting my head back, twisting it slightly away from the right ear, and blowing gently with my mouth and nose closed. I also get that crazy shrill squeal but it is accompanied by a dramatic release of the pressure. So far, i’ve been able to get the squeal twice and it seems to be going away. Good luck to the rest of you and thanks for putting all of this info on the net!!!

  36. Tee Says:

    I have the same thing! But i wasnt flying or anything. I started with a cough/runny nose/sore throat. then one night at 5am i woke up to an earache, took medicine, got better, went to sleep, then next morning that weird feeling in left ear. been here like 3 days so far. :P

    putting my finger on the round sticky out part thingy on my ear and moving the finger up and down feels good. hope it works! :)

  37. Ana Says:

    I’m having the same problem. I flew yesterday with a cold, and when I landed both ears were clogged and would not pop. Today, the right ear popped but the left has not. I’m going crazy. I’ve used some nose spray, but no luck. Not sure what to do next.

  38. Scott Says:

    My ear aint popped since wed, then assoon as i come on this website (5 days later) i had my little finger in the opposite ear to the one that was blocked, poking around, and it just popped :)! Dunno if it just popped naturally or if the finger in the other ear helped, or even just reading this website! Its all good now tho, i feel sorry for everyone else tho, hearing yourself breath constantly for 5 days is so annoying!


  39. Vanessa Says:

    you guys think you have it bad. well on march 27, 2007 i got a bad sinus infection and strep throat and ever since, my ear hasn’t popped. been to multiple docs and no one knows what’s wrong. i kinda hope its Meniere’s Disease like that person said so at least they will be able to solve it!

  40. Robert Flynn Says:

    Mine left year has been like that for 2 years. First the buzzing then the thintis set in. I have the Meniere,s disease. Cant hear nothing and it was my good ear. Been to every specialist .Nothing. Thanks R. Flynn

  41. Nick Says:

    I havnt been on a plane but my left ear has been popped for 3 days now and its driving me crazy. I went to the doctors todays and she said try chewing upside down, hand nose blowing and warm water in the ear. none have work and the last one made it worse

  42. Cassandra Says:

    You should try plugging your nose (like you’re going to jump in a pool)and then blow out, you’ll feel the inside of your ear puff up and then just keep blowing they should pop shortly after that!
    Also for wax build-up in your ears you should try beeswax sticks. They’re just a piece of beeswax wrapped with a hollow center, you put one in your ear the light it (sounds scary but it’s not) then blow it out right away. The beeswax burns down and somehow it pulls wax out of your ears. It feels amazing and you can hear so clearly after!

  43. Alice Says:

    Nick, thanks for your message! My left ear hasn’t popped in 3 or 4 days and I thought I was going to go insane! I’ve tried sudafed, holding my nose and blowing, q-tips, all to no avail. When I’m in a car driving up a tiny hill, the pressure in my ear builds up. During the last few days, going up 3 feet in altitude is worse than any plane ride I’ve taken. I didn’t even have a cold. I have no idea what triggered my blocked ears. Just now after reading your post, I took a turkey baster and flushed hot water in my ear several times. Then I pushed the little ear flap in and out a bunch of times to help drain the water. Then I tilted my head in the direction of the blocked ear to allow to drain while pulling my ear canal open using my fingers on my cheek. My ear popped but would unpop immediately. After pushing the ear flap over and over and letting it pop and unpop, the unpopping became fewer and far between. Then at one point I noticed that it popped, but didn’t unpop again. I left my head tilted to the side to drain to make sure that it was going to stick this time. I continued to stretch open the ear canal by pulling on my cheek by the ear. It’s been 10 minutes now and my ear seems to be back to normal! (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself…) I know you said that using warm water didn’t work for you, but I’m singing Hallelujah as we speak! Thanks again!

  44. roger Says:

    i have a cold and alot of mucus and i was listening to music on my ear phones and my right ear popped it feels annoying and uncomfortable and it wont pop back, i tried the nose trick and nothing.. only my left ear popped and nothing happens on my right ear and i cant hear anything on it, im going to try to drink something hot and yawn see if it pops back

  45. Mark Says:

    Any success Roger? I have the same problem.

  46. alicia Says:

    well I poured honey in my ear and then really hot salt water And keepit there for thirty to sixty seconds it may feel strange in the process but it really soothes yer ear

  47. Nic Says:

    I’m going through this myself. Been 9 hours. I can’t imagine you poor souls that have had this sympton for months or even YEARS! I am going to try Benadryl, and unlike most of the previous posters, I will let you folks know if it works or not.

  48. Nic Says:

    Immediately after my first post I tried drinking orange juice while resting my neck on the chair and leaning my head back. It helped for a moment, which is the first time I’ve “felt my ear move” in 9 hours. If nothing else the orange juice should help with my cold!

    I also just tried leaning my head off the end of the bed and exhaling (breathing out) through my nose while inhaling (breathing in) through my mouth. Had a decent amount of success with that as long as I stayed upside down.


    Now in the morning of day 2. I took some Robatussin last night, and it didn’t seem to do much. I woke up today with my cold worsened, and my ear still unpopped. It will unpop temporarily if I do the activities mentioned above.

    More than 24 hours later and still unpopped. The drugs seem to help a little. I bought Sudafed and Vicks Nasal Decongestant spray. Hopefully just a matter of time now, I will let you folks know.

  49. Mel Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! i know exactly how all of you feel. i am 16 years old. this happened to me when i had a cold, and my family and i took a trip to disney world. the sinus pressure in the plane ride made me feel horrible. when we landed, my ears had been completley blocked.i couldn’t hear anything. all i could hear was myself breathing, chewing, swallowing, and my heartbeat. i thought it would go away in a few days, or on the plane ride back. MY EARS DIDN’T POP FOR NEARLY FOUR WEEKS!!!!!!! I HAD THOUGHT THAT I HAD GONE DEAF!!! I tried everything, warm water, the blowing in your nose, nothiing worked. then one day about four weeks later, i sneezed very hard and i felt a painful squeel in my ears. i tried to blow with my mouth shut and it finally had another painful squeel, AND I COULD HEAR AGAIN!!!!!!!! AFTER FOUR WEEKS, IT FINALLY WENT AWAY!!! but now, the same thing happened to me again, and that is why i am here now.

  50. justin Says:

    hey all. Am out to dinner with mates and had this issue. Have a mild cold. Fixed issue by holding ear flap in for 2 or 3 mins, then holding nose and popping ears WHILST still holding flap. Feel much better. Good luck all.

  51. taz Says:

    burping/hiccuping helps.. but its momentary relief. in the meanwhile, keep reading up on people’s hilarious suggestions – beats feeling miserable!

    and check this out too –

  52. Anonymous Says:

    to andrew from February 3rd, 2007 at 2:09 pm…

    what the fuck is “go find a black guy and get some marijuana and smoke it.” suppose 2 mean?

  53. Mel Says:

    I had the same question/thought… why do you have to find a black guy to find some pot? All the people I know that smoke weed are white dudes.

    My ear has been blocked for a week – It became blocked when I used the Neti Pot. I want to scream at my friend who strongly encouraged me to use it even though I wasn’t feeling like I should. I’d already been sick for 2 weeks with sinusitis…

    It’s great to read all the home remedies. I’m afraid to hold my nose and blow though. I just try to blow my nose and wow – I get the squelch and it hurts! And it doesn’t do anything to unblock my ear. I’m going to try the warmed up olive oil and the heating pad. That sounds safe.

  54. AJ's MoM Says:

    My son (21) has a cold and 2 days ago sneezed and his ear “popped”, he hears a hissing noise and it is beginning to cause headaches, and can’t hear well. Is this the same as the airplane type pressure issue?
    Thanks for all your ideas, I’m less worried and will try some of these ideas

  55. AJ's MoM Says:

    Thanks for ideas everyone-did not know where to turn-got something to try now.

  56. Stefanie Says:

    Omg, Ive had this problem since yesterday when i flew back from Sweden with a pretty bad cold. Ive had it before when i flew to greece, pain on the descent and then blocked ears, but it popped right after the landing back then.

    Its only been 24 hours for me, my left ear is half-blocked, or so it feels, and the right one seems completely shut. Im going mental at hearing my own heartbeat all the time, i tried so many things but it doesnt seem to work.

    Do you think it will open when my cold is gone? The thought of putting up with this for weeks makes me depressed.

  57. Stefanie Says:

    Update: right ear popped today, i was so happy.. Then it unpopped 5 minutes after lol. Its not stuck anymore though, and i can hear something again!

    I think its just a matter of time

  58. missy unhappy! Says:


  59. michael Says:

    sorry about the blockage, mine is in the right ear. I have just come back from hols, with a cold. I also suffer from Meniers. It feels as if 90% of my hearing has gone. My ear aches as well. I tried putting olive oil in. no luck. I can’t hear my mp3 player properly. Well I am 67, what can you expect. No short cut, just let it come back on it’s own. :)

  60. ashley Says:

    my ear will not pop i put water in it and it will not pop i wish it will how do i get it to pop in a day or by my self?????????????????????? can you tell me how

  61. maddie Says:

    im 16 years old this happened ta me two years ago when i got a cold and got very congested. i could hear myself breathe, my heartbeat, chew, and hearin background noises like in a restaurant was just hell. it was my right ear that i couldnt hear out of. i went ta the doctor and everythin. he told me that i have a chance of loosin 30% of my hearin in my right ear so i freaked out. eventually my ear popped but instead it was my eardrum that burst and my ear drained with a blood and like puss it was quite disgustin but… i got my hearin back and it went away. and so now here i am in the present. ive had another cold for the past 3 weeks… and last night i went ta sleep and randomly woke up at 6:00 in the mornin today and discovered the nightmare had started all over again… my right ear had popped and wont pop back again. so im freakin out again cuz im a musician … and i love my hearin more than anythin and i dont want some doctor tellin me ill loose my hearin in my right ear. i hate this. its annoyin. someone needs ta find an amazin cure for this cuz its torture… lol :(

  62. Ryan Says:

    Yeah I have had a cold for a week or so now and my ear just felt like it got pressure. It hadf like an echo after awhile and ive tried messing with it with a qtip, sneezing, flushing it out with water, nothing! HElP ME! It’s drivin me crazy!

  63. ben Says:

    I think you have hit on some brilliant SEO here.
    People seem to be searching a lot for how to make their ear pop.

  64. chanel Says:

    omg my ears are like blocked for about 4 days now and at the start i was in bad pain my ears my head n i went to doctors he gave me sudafed to take hasnt worked then went again to doctors he gave me antibiotics hasnt worked eather :( im sik of feeling like this i feel deaf its annoyin no1 noes how i feel :( I need help

  65. kyle Says:

    i’ve got the same thing but i’m only at the 24 hour mark right now. i had a cold, and it was pretty much gone, then yesterday my ear popped and the pressure hasn’t released since. i wasn’t on an airplane or anything. i had 3 beers over several hours last night, but that really isn’t out of the ordinary. i can get the squeal by pinching my nose and blowing, but it doesn’t help, and my yawning muscles are beginning to get sore. this better go away soon. i’m a teacher, i’m gonna be speaking and listening to people speak all day. :(

  66. Stefanie Says:

    Its been quite a while since i posted, but i just wanted to let you know, IT WILL BE OK.

    I know it drives you nuts to not hear anything properly, and that constant sound of your own breathing or heartbeat, but eventually it will pop. My left ear took 3 days, but my right ear only popped properly after a week so please, be patient even if it takes longer.

    Good luck all of you!

  67. Cheree Says:

    TomS, thank you so much for the advice. I google “can’t pop ears” and got to this site, and the only thing that worked was to hold the little flap down on one of my ears for a minute and bingo! THANK YOU!

  68. MIKE Says:


  69. Juli Says:

    What’s up with the right ears of everyone … myself included. I’ve been having problems for a few weeks with my right ear “closing” up but awoke at 4 am with it totally closed. Scary feeling … afraid to go back to sleep … nothing works to make it pop.

  70. Bianca Says:

    I am on day 3 of BOTH ears not popping! Had a cold while on vacation with a lot of sinus pressure and then had to fly home. Both ears still have not popped! My doctor suggested Mucinex D, Afrin nasal spray and taking a lot of steam showers! I am desperate to get my hearing back!

  71. xf Says:

    My right ear as well is gotten pressure after a plane ride. I’ve tried everything but the only thing that seems to be doing anything is holding my nose and blowing. No one seems to explain this only saying do it. Well it was hard to finally get the air to go where i needed. About 30 seconds and moving my head around while blowing and finally you feel this huge bubble in your ear start to move to the outside. WEll this is the part that scares me to continue blowing. It feels like it hits a wall and starts making a crackling sound and i feel more pressure on this wall. Im going to see the doctor tomorrow to ask if its safe for me to blow as hard as i can for a long time and not destroy my ear drum. Im just so surprised no one has explained this method other than .. just do it. But one thing is for sure, it was def doing something.

  72. Caroline Says:

    OMG my ear is driving me insane!
    I’ve not been on a plane or anything
    but I’ve had a nasty cold all weekend and felt really bunged up and my nose just constantly felt blocked, this is slowly going away now, but my right ear popped at about 1pm today and it STILL hasn’t unpopped, its driving me insane and really worrying me, I don’t know what to do about it, my hearings really fuzzy in my right ear and its scaring me:(

  73. Eli Says:

    Man…My ears wont pop for shit! I have a cold that is starting to go away…I tried the salt water/baking soda hot water mixture…No Luck…Hot steamy shower…putting head under water…blowing while holding mouth closed etc…nothing works. i am a singer and i was working on a cd and now i cant even finish it until this shit clears up…i hate this feelin. Man this really makes you appreciate your hearing!

  74. Fivepin Says:

    Dang…me to …right ear.
    I work underground and when I hit 4000 ft this morning i thought my ear drum was going to bust…nothing like screaming get me to surface with a bunch of hardned minors all looking at you smirking…beady eyes pointing and laughing…
    now i am sitting at home feeling a burning in my ear and self pity in the gut…
    I have had problems before and the only thing that works is an anti histimine and time…been to every specialist on the planet and nobody seems to have a better cure….so good luck to all the rest of you and remember never cry in front of other grown men….wait till you get home..

  75. Cormac Says:

    Hi everyone, i have same problem. i’m on day 6 now. Right ear too!! Like alot of you, i can pop it, but then it unpops, so I do have hope:-) Its so unbelievably uncomfortable. i hope it stops soon!

  76. Carrie Says:

    My boyfriends ear is clogged and its hurting him and im trying some of your suggestions and the bed one is kinda working and hes about to try some others


  77. Veronica Says:

    This situation is one which no doctor will treat properly because it is not understood or studied about enough. The idiopathy is due to sinus condition that causes fluid retention which blocks the sinus passage, resulting in actual estuchian tube blockage and the inability to hear properly. This condition can in fact, cause an individual to lose up to quite a bit of hearing. The only remedy is to try to clear the fluid totally out of your system – sinus passages. Doctors won’t be able to accurately see the level of fluid which often causes the sinus passages to swell. Study up on sinus health and good luck!

  78. Tammy Says:

    I too had bad sinus blockage. It was really bad. After a month of a stuffed up nose and trying every over the counter meds availabe, my left ear blocked up. That is when I called the doc. I got the z pack and Zyrtec D which really helped my sinuses but my ear is still blocked. I am at 1 1/2 weeks with the ear thing and am glad to hear ( I wish), I mean read that I am not the only one who is going crazy because of this. I am at this site right now because of the wild noises my ear has been making. Craking and popping and sort of a squeak now. I am hoping that this is the stupid thing finally opening up. wow, it is a little painful as I type. Hope you all feel better soon. Stay sane and keep using the antihistmines. That is what helped me the most. Here is to unblocking ears !!!!! Have a Merry Christmas and I hope Santa bring you hearing back }:0)

  79. Dana Says:

    I’m having the same problem! Please help I’m sick and congested went to the doctors today and got nothing but sprays and it will heal on it’s own… Please help!!

  80. Angela Says:

    hey all!!! i got off the plane a few hours ago…i had a sinus issue then went on the plane and my left ear was all blocked. I tried the nasal spray and holding my ear…nothing.

    but then i went over to my couch. put my feet up and hung upside down and chewed a piece of gum. and WOOP it popped! i did this a few times…i have about 80% of my hearing back…still a little fuzzy but i am sure it will come back shortly!

    good luck!

  81. Jason Says:

    Yep, same here.
    Cold. Right ear. Popped. Won’t pop back.
    Apparently from what everyone has said, just give it time and it will go away.

  82. Porter Says:

    Storm blew into the Rockies…. My right ear….
    The bastard wont pop…. Going crazy….
    going to drive over a huge pass to see if I can equalize the pressure.

    Good luck everyone.

    Hope this is not one of those 4 week plus jobs.

  83. lolguy321 Says:

    just flew to philly and my left ear is blocked im gonna take a shower and see if that helps. gonna post again in like 20 mins

  84. lolguy321 Says:

    er like 5 mins??

  85. lolguy321 Says:

    didnt work :(

  86. Nolan Says:

    3:30 am and my ear was bothering the hell out of me so i got on my ipod abd looked this up. You guys have
    been a lot of help thanks. Right now im chewing gum and just kinda waiting it out.

  87. Aric Says:

    I put in some ear wax removal in both ears yesterday. Woke up today with my left ear plugged up. Holding nose and blowing isnt working, yawning and chewing gum didn’t work either. Dont know whawt to do.

  88. Aric Says:

    As I was writing that last comment, my ear popped! Wow! What a relief.

  89. Porter Says:

    It took over 3 days, I think the mountain pass worked, but I recommend not taking any fix it drugs including sinus stuff. It just made me really loopy and I probably sound not have been driving over that mountain pass with my equalibrium all screwy. Just wait patiently and trust it will soon pass. Although I didnt try it a case of beer seems like it might work.

  90. Dolly Says:

    LOL I thought I was going deaf…

  91. Thom Says:

    I also found this blog after googling that my ears wouldn’t pop! I have the solution! I took Allergy and Sinus relief medication (extra strong) and leaned forward swallowing and “clicking” my ears. Eventually, after doing that and forcing myself to cough for a few times it unblocked my ear!

    (random post comment: Score for the first post on this post in ’09!)

  92. Tashkerbell Says:

    Duuude if you have a cold alongside this problem.
    Keep constantly blowing your nose ! My nose is nearly running dry I’ve blown so much and while the pressure is still there its eased a bit. If you imagine the ‘ear tube’ to be as wide as a 50p piece… id say I can hear out of 5pence of it now.. Yaaayy (:

    This is my first day by the way so expect many a-freakin hit from me on here ):

  93. tashkerbell Says:

    Vicks decongestant nasal spray…. wow.


  94. NYC Hipster Says:

    Seriously people, only one blogger (TomS) offers somewhat of a solution and it only relieves the pain but doesn’t actually fix the problem. Didn’t we google this blog to find answers? Obviously not. Also, I love that everyone that says they will post back when their ears finally pop doesn’t. I hope their ears imploded.

    Its been two days since my ears popped, and it just got a whole lot worse when I tried the “hold your nose and mouth technique and blow like George Bush’s fiscal policies”. I stupidly knew that would happen, but I did it anyway, now I’m fucked. Like most people, I caught fucking AIDS and now my AIDS has clogged my shit up. I’ve tried everything gum, afrin, decongestions, screaming loudly, and cutting myself. Nothing!

    Considering I work in a high rise in downtown Manhattan, I was planning riding on the elevator up and down until the pressure finally made my ears pop. The problem is I work at a imploding hedge fund, and looking fucking retarded riding the elevators up and down may give them a reason to fire me. I knew I shouldn’t have brought in the new years (and the days after) blowing tons of yey…

  95. Going Deaf Says:

    I just flew from San Jose to Portland with a slight cold. During the descent into Portland it felt like someone was sticking chopsticks in both ears and trying to get the two ends to touch.

    I almost called the flight attendent to ask her to make sure the pilot didn’t forget to pressurize or depressurize the cabin properly.

    Now after about 5 hours my left ear still won’t pop. It is driving me nuts. I guess this is punishment for the times I was not sympathetic to someone that was having sinus headaches.

    I will never tell someone to “shut-up and suck it up” for having an ear-ache.

    I have never regretted my past live’s so much. Karma is beautiful.

  96. jber Says:

    I’ve had this shit for like 6 months now, have tried everything, they gave me nasonex which did squat. Oral decongestants don’t really work too great either. I also have tinnitus now. I am at my wit’s end…………..

  97. Luke Says:

    my ears aint popped in over 2 years.. consider yourselves lucky :( flying for the first time next wednesday aswell.. i think im gonna die haha. mines due to inflammation of the eustacian tubes i think.. from smoking most likely, got a lot of mucus :(

  98. Amaranthe Says:

    If it lasts more than a day, you guys need to go to your Dr. and get it looked at, since an ear infection can cause this and the only cure for that is antibiotics. However, for pain or discomfort in the meantime, it helps using a heating pad on it or a hot water bottle. If you can stand to lay on that ear, try laying on it on a hot water bottle or heating pad. It also often helps the pain to set a blowdryer on the low setting and blow it into your ear.

    For prevention, if you are flying, chew gum and open your mouth frequently and try to yawn (or minimally, fake yawn) every 10 min or so. Another tip for prevention if you are prone to this, is to avoid submersing ears in water in the bathtub or swimming pool. Also, try to keep the water out of them in the shower. The water can get in your ears and stagnate, causing an infection or blockage, trapping water, pus, and air in the ear canal, thus causing the blocked feeling that makes your ear feel like it wont pop. Also, when cleaning your ears with Q-tips, be very careful not to insert them deeply into the ear, as that can force air and/or ear wax into the ear, causing this to happen.

    When choosing OTC pain relief, opt for an anti-inflammatory instead of Tylenol (or in addition to it), since inflammaed tubes can cause this. Cold meds may also be helpful since many contain anti-inflammatories as well as antihistimines and decongestants. The antihistimines may be helpful to a select few sufferers, but you wont know if you are one of them unless you try it. SAme with the decongetants. If you symtoms are caused by mucous or a cold, then they could prove to be very helpful.

    Hope everyone’s ears heal soon and that all who are suffering get much needed relief!


  99. Pamela Says:

    I just came back from the doctor and he put tubes in my ears. First he sucked the fluid out then put the tubes in. SO much relief! Go see an ENT specialist.

  100. Lou Says:

    Some times ear pop is caused by too much wax in your ears. Use an eyedropper and put two to three drops of mineral oil into each ear, one or two times a day. Use a piece of cotton to hold the oil in your ear. If you have a lot of wax in your ear, do this oil treatment seven to 10 days. Then after your ears clear up, use the mineral oil once or twice a week to keep your ears from building up too much wax again. If this doesn’t work, your doctor might recommend an over-the-counter product, a prescription medication, or an ear syringe. (From the book: 1001 Home Health Remedies)

  101. Cody Says:

    yah i’ve been really siick for the past week, and only one of my ears is popped. It happened about an hour ago and i was liek wtf?!? heeelp

  102. JT Says:

    hey, ear wouldnt pop for ~ 12 hours, had to give a 45 minute lecture and then answer questions from peers… dear lord that was horrible. Anyways I got home and it was just as bad, so far i had tried chewing gum, drinking/swallowing, yawning, turning head while chewing, blowing nose, coughing, holding on to nose and blowing out. Nothing worked. @ 6.45 I was in quite a bit of pain so i took Neocitran, As of 7.15 my ear hadn’t popped but all the pain was gone and i could hear out of it again, looks like its considerably better, may pop soon if it does i’ll repost.
    NeoCitran = cure for everything (although i think it may be available only in canada)
    ingredients = acetaminophen (analgesic), chlorpheniramine maleate (antihistimine), pseudophedrine HCl (nasal decongestant), and dextromethorphen HBr (Cough suppressant)

  103. JT Says:

    hey, ears still haven’t popped, heading to the doctor tomorrow. However i found that the neocitran is very helpful even if just to get rid of my headache so i can sleep for a couple hours. Basically, half a packet of neocitran = 2 hours or so of no headache/congestion.

    Also, I was talking to my mother and she said when my sister was little she would give her pulsatilla (no idea if that’s spelled right), anybody hear anything about this (that is if you can hear at all)?

  104. Brian Says:

    Yea it’s going on 2 weeks+ for me! At first it was just my left ear and then about 4 or 5 days ago my right ear decided to join in! It feels like theres water or something in my left ear but not my right! I guess I am just going to try a variety of decongestants/antihistamines and see what happens, I hope they work! Wish me luck! ;)

    Here are some commonly known and very popular ones…


    Over-The-Counter – Novafed and Sudafed.
    Prescription – Dura-Vent, Exgest, Entex and Propagest.


    Over-The-Counter – Benadryl, Chlor-Trimetron, Dimetane, Nolahist, PBZ and Tavist.
    Prescription – Allegra, Allavert, Claritin, Hismanal, Polaramine, Seldane, Teldrin and Zyrtec.

    Combination Antihistamines/Decongestants:

    Over-The-Counter – Actifed, A.R.M., Chlor-Trimeton D, Contac, CoPyronil 2, Demazin, Dimetapp, Drixoral, Isoclor, Tavist D and Triaminic.

    Prescription – Claritin D, Deconamine, Nolamine, Novafed A, Ornade, Sudafed Plus and Trinalin.

  105. flesh and bone Says:

    ears have been clogged for 4 days now as a result of a sinus cold. i commute between N. Hollywood and frazier park everyday. there is an elevation difference of approx. 4000 ft. when i drove back to frazier park my right ear popped but left did not, made a disgusting, loud, “tearing” sound inside my ear, but i could hear! everyday i commute to work one ear pops and the other does not or vice versa. This sporadic behaviour just leads me to believe that its just a waiting game til the virus is gone, the fact that both ears are popping at different times i can at least know that i can still hear normally!
    I feel bad for whoever catches this bug its sooo damn annoying! just dont panic, it will end.

  106. JT Says:

    doctor gave me antibacterial medication thought it might be an infection… didn’t do a thing, ears still haven’t popped. Going back on monday. I think in my case during my head cold (which is pretty much gone now) something went up the wrong tube and got stock cause i can hear liquid moving around.

  107. bg Says:

    my ear wouldnt pop, was very clogged, thought i was going deaf.. i i gave oral sex to a large black male and swallowed the liquid sperm very hardly… ears popped INSTANTLY!!!!!

  108. Rachael Says:

    OKAY GUYS!! Listen,

    put your finger on the flap on the outside of your ear and push it in and out as fast as you can for about 30 seconds, then lay on your back on the bed and throw your head back- to where your hanging off the side of the bed upside down.

    This helped me a little bit…but not completely…
    hey…anythings better than nothing, right?

  109. John Says:

    Wow, a year later and this post is still rolling! Good for you! LOL… my ear’s won’t pop either… doc says the inflamation will go away eventually… until then you’re up a creek…

  110. krighton Says:

    eesh, as if having a mild form of MS isn’t bad enough, now my ear popped a few days ago and i’m stumbling all over the place, started with buzzing and i thought my speakers were going out, now i can barely hear and the doc put me on amoxicil and also taking sudafed turbo for the fluid behind my ears…

    oh, right ear also

    sigh….7 days and counting since i started losing the hearing

  111. krighton Says:

    oh, also haven’t heard much from people talking about the quality of sound you get in your ear..i get a ton of white noise which hides the voices…not that that really helps anyone solve their popping issue…i’ve tried ear wax removal, hanging upside down, flushing with warm water, pushing on ear flap, sudafed, amox, blowing through closed nose and mouth, chewing gum (which might have actually started this believe it or not since i haven’t chewed gum for years and only started a couple weeks ago.

  112. Petter Sondov Says:

    Hi, I just got back from Paris today,also having a cold/flue and half way through the flight my right ear would not un-pop, i usually just yawn and it goes straight away, it was painful on descent, and has stayed with me for 7 hours now, tried everything until i blew my nose fairly hard, and my right ear, squeeked and i felt it move, its taken away most of the ‘blockage’

  113. alex Says:

    I woke up with this same problem, and i wasn’t even flying I am going to try sitting over a pot ofhot water (sounds strange but works for normal sinus congestion )and hopefully this painful ear not popping will pop. ANd strange most people its the right ear, mine too

  114. Kate Says:

    I had a sinus infection coming on when I flew. Both ears have been unpopped for four days, I read this page and tried holding my nose and blowing carefully and my left ear did pop. Heard lots of gristly, poppity sounds in there. I feel better. I have Meiner’s and my ears always buzz and sometimes hear swishing, but this unpopping stuff is different from the disease. I hope you all find relief, it’s hard to have all the hearing stay inside your head. I could hear myself breathe and chewing sounded like I was eating gravel.

  115. Haley Says:

    Well, after trying all of your suggestions (none of them worked for me) I asked my grandmother. She gave me a recipe: mix a half teaspoon of white vinegar and a half teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and get a eye dropper and drip it in! Leave it in for at least a 30 seconds to a minute. After that just let it drip out and as it does that it WILL pop. It did wonders for me and relieved me from a lot of pain. You should try it!!!

  116. Bjarki Says:

    I have the same problem! But I am up sh*t creek without a paddle. I have been in China on Business for the last 6 weeks, and will be for 2 weeks more. I got the problem when I got onto the plane from New Jersey. Since then both my ears are clogged, I can barely hear which makes business very difficult. Every once in a while my ears pop, but 15 minutes later they are clogged again. They squeak every once in a while right before they pop. I use a Neti pot twice a day, but that only clears my nose. I cough up massive amounts of mucus every day.

    China lives under a rock. I can’t see a doctor here, they are useless. I don’t really have access to western medicine, and my life sucks because of it. I have an appointment with the best ear and throat doctor in New Jersey as soon as I touch down in 2 weeks. 2 months with clogged ears is driving me insane. All the help so far is greatly appreciated. Any more help is also great.

  117. Lisa Says:

    OMG !!! i feel everyone’s pain on here i’m 17 and a few years ago i had a bad cold and my ears popped and it was as if i was hearing inside my head i held my nose and blow out so many times my eyes started to water then one day the left side popped and i learned to live with it by holding the phone on the left ear and using my left ear for primary hearing a few weeks ago i went out the country for vacation and i got bad sinuses and i used a Q-tip and my ears popped again, I went swimming a few days later and it got worst i was hoping the plane ride home would solve this but it made it worst both ears unpopped but closed up again and my ears are killing me with pain i tried everything Hydrogen Perioxide, Sleeping on the affected side, Warm water, Ear drops etc… nothing seems to work I’m going to see my ENT tomorrow hopefully all goes well man i miss my hearing its true you really don’t know what you have until its gone =[

  118. Stella Says:

    Both ears wouldn’t pop on descent during a flight, incredibly painful. When I made my connecting flight, they popped on ascent and I felt some pressure release. But on the 2nd descent, my ears wouldn’t pop again. My nose became clogged, especially on the right side. Left ear eventually popped a bit a couple days later, but right side did not. After day 3, I went to the doctor and she said I had an ear infection, more severe on the right. I am on day 3 of a 10-day amoxicillin course and I’ve been taking Sudafed to help release the pressure in my sinuses. Both my ears popped a good bit this morning, and my nose has cleared, so looks like it’s working. Doctor couldn’t say if I had the ear infection before or after the flight. The flight could have aggravated an existing infection, or the pressure could have irritated my ears and caused the infection.

  119. Krista Says:

    SO glad I found this website! I flew from Philly to Dublin a couple weeks ago with no problems. Ireland is full of mountains, so my ear have been popping due to the change in altitudes. But again, no problems. I got a cold a couple days before I left, and still had it yesterday when I flew from Shannon to Philly. When we landed, only my right ear popped. It’s so annoying! I hold my nose and blow, and only my right ear pops. I’ve yawned, sneezed, taken hot showers and lots of Dayquil, but nothing yet. Weird thing, though, is that I was fine this morning, and it somehow managed to go back to being unpopped this afternoon. Weirder still, is that when I look down, the pressure goes away, but when I look straight ahead it comes back. I really don’t want to see a doctor, but this is annoying to say the least. My hearing’s all unbalanced and I sound (to myself) horrible. Plus, I still have that pesky cold. Ugh.

  120. Lisa Says:

    So my appointment got changed from 7/10/09 to 7/15/09 that is why i haven’t writen back but i just back from my ENT Dr. Meriott and basically from using Q-tips i pushed my earwax very far down plus i had some water in my ears probably from the swimming and that was causing the bubbles and one peice of earwax in the right ear was positioned in a way that it blocked my hearing so he stuck a vacum tube down my ears and sucked everything up and omg i feel amazing i can hear !!!! he also told me No more Q tips – only use the strong Hydrogen Perioxide one a week -so my best advice is to wait it out a couple of days and if u feel like u have no hope then make the appointment it sucks going to the doctors trust me i kno i’m one of those people that never go unless its serious but i have to say it worked i can hear and thats all that matters in the end hopes this helps

  121. Connie Says:

    I’ve had a cold since last Thursday; toady is day 6.
    My ears won’t pop. Well my left ear half popped. My right ear is still crappy.
    I had an interview and answered all the questions wrong because I heard it all wrong.

  122. Joe Says:

    Same thing happened to me,
    please tell me what to do.
    i have minor fever but not anything serious.
    chewing, burping… etc. doesn’t work.

  123. Katrin Says:

    Im currently in Boston and Ive been having this horrible earache for the past couple of hours. It pops and then it unpops and all I could do is cry near my baggage claim because of how much pain im in. I just blew my nose and EVERYTHING you guys been trying and a little bit of liquid came out from how hard i was pushing. And I cant hear too well. Im so scared.

  124. Katrin Says:

    Ok so I had this crazy idea to go to the giftshop and yess I do have a cold. I bought a pack of Tylenol: Cold and Head Congestion. And in a matter of 30 minutes I didint feel any more pain. Seriously and then i took a spray in each nostril of NOT afrin but of :4 Way Nasal Congestion it has a big four on the front and the label is in red. Although everytime I burp my ears pop a we bit. Please try those meds itl def make you feel better. Thank God I this site. Thank You.

  125. Joe Says:

    I did a search for “peroxide” on this page but didn’t find it. My problem when I was a child was swimming. I’d go swimming then get out with my right ear full of water and it always made a “wooshing” sound especially if I tried to breathe through my nose so what my Mother did was to put full strength 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in my right ear while I laid on my left side (right ear facing up you might have a left ear problem so do the reverse of this) for about 3 minutes then drain the peroxide out. Sometimes when you get water behind the eardrum it will not come out but peroxide can get behind it where the water is, bubble causing a very mild presure, mix with the water so when the peroxide is drained the water comes out with it. I’m not telling anyone to do this but I thought it to be safe because I’ve used peroxide all my life even on ear infections with no ill effects. I’m just pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt to try. If you look at some of the over the counter earwax removal formulas, most have hydrogen peroxide in them.

    Good luck and I hope this helps someone.


  126. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  127. gah Says:

    Mine is blocked too! i complain, but nobody really understands until youve had it. it sucks SO MUCH!

  128. t.medea Says:

    I went to the doctor because of my ear (the left ear) and he said I have an ear infection and gave me antibiotics.
    Hopefully it works.

  129. Luckbox Says:

    I have had estation tube disfuntion my whole life on and off sometimes for more then 6 months. I wanna kill my self. and to all those cunts that are telling people go to the doctor please fucking don’t they will not help you they will misdiagnose and mistreat the condition. I had steriod nasal spray work at one point but i think ive got a tolerence not im stuck and thinking of buying a gun to end it all. HELELELELLELELEP

  130. Luckbox Says:

    ive been to ear nose and throat specialist good luck with that artard. enjoy your pain medicine because thats all the ENT will give u for this condition.

  131. jessica Says:

    same story.

    sucks balls.

    day 9, just waiting it out i guess.

  132. Tacomuncher Says:

    Wow, I’m not alone. OMG this sucks. Have a head cold and drove up the grade to next town @ 8000ft. Now back down and right ear is stuck. I was actually hard up enough to actually Google “Ear won’t pop” and found this site. I’ve tried everything you all have suggested, well except having Sang pee in my ear, (though I asked my wife to try for me. Not suggested as she pee’d all over my face). Benedryl and Afrin haven’t helped to this point so I got creative. I took a vacuum hose and stuck it on my ear. Holy Crap, it worked! By lowering the pressure in my ear canal the sucka popped. Now what gets me is why it didn’t work when I stuck the vacuum hose on my penis. No Really. It makes sense as everyone knows a mans penis is connected to his brain. I’m male and I even know that. Thus I’m so smart!

  133. Tacomuncher Says:

    Ok, truth is, I tried everything stated above. Since my wife is a lousy shoy I even tried the peroxide. All in all I think I’ve atleast dropped the pressure by 10 psi. Tho I was at 59psi. Yes I swear I even tried the vaccum, though it felt better on my penis and made me not think about it, it didn’t work. I am going to try this. Letting the wifey do her suction trick from the other end. Regardless, atleast I won’t be thinking of my ear. This seriously sucks, and not in a good way.

  134. just me Says:

    And whatever happened to William?

  135. Boo Says:

    I have had this problem, which is now controlled with medication called otimise I also wear earplanes when coming in to land or taking off on an aeroplane. It has certainly made me more comfy.

  136. Boo Says:

    Apparently when people get a cold they generally get a runny nose I am different cold manifests itself in my ears!

  137. AZ Says:

    I’m going on about a week of a clogged right ear… Everybody is getting mad at me because I can’t hear a damn thing they are saying! I haven’t really done anything about it but bitch. I had a doctor tell me to use nasal spray but do laying on your back and just put drops of it in. It’s supposed to get to the back of the throat where the problem actually is. I guess I’ll try something. Good luck to everybody.

  138. Josh Says:

    I had this happen to me once flying from Denver to Milwaukee while I had a sinus infection. I was told to chew gum the whole time during any flight. I have flown two other times with similiar head colds and have not had the issue after those flights.

  139. Rick Says:

    Left ear popped and I can hear but now I have a frequency sound in my ear now. Kinda sounds like “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. What is that? Do I have tinnitus, popped ear drum, what? Will it go away?

  140. Cmarie Says:

    i have a bad cold and just landed and my right ear is plugged….its annoying the hell out of me…i haven’t tried it yet this time around but on my way flying out when i was landing i get this really bad shooting pain in my jaw and ear and my ears were starting to plug up the flight attendant gave me two cups with really hot napkins inside them put them over your ears…i looked funny but it helped sooooo much that was when my cold was just starting now and it’s gotten a lot worse i haven’t tried it yet again but i’m about to ! wish me luck!

  141. Chad Says:

    Same crap here… have tried everything and nothing works. Going on 7 days and going mad. I have no insurance so I can’t visit an ENT specialist. WTF? Good thread tho

  142. Chad Says:

    Well my ear finally popped yesterday, I can think again!
    Yep, just gotta wait it out.

  143. AlbertaGirl Says:

    Wow, this blogs been going on a long time. I am going on 2 1/2 months with my right ear plugged. Had a cold in January and blew my nose, heard the most godawful sound and my ear has been ringing and sore ever since. Now my jaw hurts because I have been massaging and rubbing and trying to get the ear to pop. Have an MRI next Monday, but I don’t hold out much hope and frankly I could do without it being a brain tumour. I have been going back and forth between sudafed and Tylenol sinus and Nasonex daily. Not really working, though the pressure has eased a bit since all this started.

    Good luck to everyone. I get the shooting myself thing as the ringing in the ears is truly driving me insane. There is no such thing as silence in my world and I used to love hearing silence around me.

  144. Austin Says:

    it sounds like the same thing i’ve had for about 6 months now. my ear pops and unpops constantly, and feels like there is rubber in my ear. i dont know what to do to get it to go away. its really annoying. it drains like a nasty yellowish color stuff. its coming from inside the ear past the ear drum. i clean it everyday several times, and it still seems to keep draining. i want it to go away. im tired of it.

  145. chloe Says:

    uuugggggh.i went on a plane last night with a cold, and as you could imagine the same thing happend. only when i was on the plane it hurt soo bad a and made that squealing noise. now its only the next morning but i am already going insane… here is somthing that workied a little, i filled a cup with hot water and put a paper towel in it to keep the water from spilling out the held the cup against my ear, the humidity is supposed to soften up the mucus in there or somthing–ick.

  146. chloe Says:

    YES! I JUAT GOT MY EARS TO UNPOP!!!!! here is what i did, i put the warm cup that i explained earlier to my ear and had lots of warm tea, them i went to take a longg warm shower and when came out i blew my nose a couple times and THANK HEAVENS the
    y wentback to normal hoping it stays this way—

  147. MJ Says:

    Well, here I am at this site. I flew today with a cold and had the WORST pain I have ever experienced in my ear! I was actually crying on the plane it hurt so bad during descent! I had already been in a smaller, Saab, plane and it hurt but nothing like on the 737 about 2 hours later! OMG! It was like an ice pick was being thrust viciously into my ear drum! Then, when we finally landed, both my ears won’t pop back, the left one being the worse. I had tried using Afrin before my 2nd flight but it did nothing. I have lost about 70% of my hearing and it’s driving me crazy! I can hear my own heartbeat in my ear and that, too, is highly annoying. So, from what I read here – nothing but time seems to really help. Ducky. Just ducky.

  148. Cyndy Smith Says:

    My husband has this problem. He takes a sinus medicine before we leave and wears ear plugs that are made for problem. It has really helped him. Oh yea he still drinks the beer just to make sure. Hope this helps you.

  149. Emma Says:

    same. :| i thinkk it has something to do with having a cold. i got a really bad cold the day before my flight and after 2 days it still wont pop. gonna try what chloe said.

  150. Ang Says:

    An old remedy my grandma used to use for me. Soak a smallish piece of cotton ball in canola/vegetable/olive oil and put it deep into your ear (not so deep that you can’t get it out though). Leave it in overnight. Remove in the morning and repeat until you feel relief. I think the oil breaks up the wax or fluid but it still works for me 35 years later!

  151. Odilia Zonia Says:

    Maybe anyone are going to let me know in which the supply of the can be through? I am going to curious regarding studying regarding this kind of.

  152. Cameron C Says:

    Yup, I think it definitely has to do with changing altitudes with a cold.

    Last week I came back from D.C. with congestion, and on the plane I had the worst earache I’ve ever experienced. I was chewing gum, yawning, etc but my ears were still popping and I was still losing hearing.

    When i got off the plane they were still popped; when I got home they were still popped.

    I’m going to definitely go to the doctor now and see what I can do to fix this.

    One method that gives temporary relief is shaking your head like you would if you had water in your ear. Sure, it may look funny to others, but if you do it enough you will start to hear again…for a short time, of course.

  153. Kaitlyn Says:

    Same problem here..usually my right ear gets this.

    Try two things … mix equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide, and put a couple of drops into your ear, while laying down. Wait a couple of minutes, then you can get up and wipe the excess off your ear area. This is supposed to loosen up any ear wax or buildup.

    Another thing to try is using a NettiPot. You can buy this at CVS or similiar stores. It is supposed to flush out your sinus area, relieving the pressure placed on your eardrums.

  154. Krystal M Says:

    okay so i went swimming and i landed on it, then when i got out it wont pop..but could i have moved the cardilge in my ear to block the sound out because i am totally deaf.

  155. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys I just had the same thing- but only for a few
    hours. What I I’d was hold the flap over your ears for 2-3 mins- then while your holing the flap block your nose and Try to
    pop- it should work soon after. Good luck

  156. rachel Says:

    Omg my earsss!!!! Dude litsen. I’m driving up many hills in south dakota wyoming. Imagina the pain I’m in. It’s worse than any plane ride I’ve been in. Reading your comments makes me feel better becuz atleast I know I’m not the only one. Idk bout that peeing solution. How can sum asian pee in your ear help? THEN GIMMIE THAT FUCKER TO PEE IN MY EAR CUZ BOY DOES THIS FUCKER ANNOY THE SHIT OUTTA ME!!!! So it’s clogged in both ears and I’m death like crazy. Mostly the right ear. That seems to be for everyone. I tried tylonol, chewing gum, holding my nose and blow, etc. Nothing!!! I have a minor minor cold. Barely anuthing. I used a nose dropper in my nose and my nose is all cleared up but I’m still deaf and clogged. SERIOUSLY PLEASE HELP ME IT’S BEEN TWO DAYS!!! I’ve been up in these hilles for 2days anyway… And I’m still in these hills. Will this go away!?? Will I really loose like 60% of my hearing??? Btw I’m 15

  157. rachel Says:

    It’s annoying to have clogged up ears esspecially on a trip with your parents in hills like in south dakota. They keep talking in russian and I can’t hear wtf their saying and I can’t even talk cuz it’s like clogged and sounds and feels weird. It hurts to. So much pressure!!!! What do I do??? I’ve done chewing gum, plugging nose and blowing. Ugh!!! They keep talking and idk wtf they r saying!!! Fml fml fml!! It’s been 2days and I’m sick of this shit. I feel bad for you people with this problem for like weeks, or even years!!!!! I can’t even handle 2days. :( I’m gune kill myslef. I’m 15 and in stress. Stupid ears… I really appreciate my reall hearing now. Wish I had it back because I’m deaf as hell and it hurts. Fml. HEEEELP!!!!

  158. Luc Says:

    Uh so my left ear hasn’t popped for like 5 days after I woke up one morning, around 6 AM and all.
    Planning to go to see the doc, yet from all of the previous posts it seems that that would be useless in the end so yeah…not sure if I should…

    It feels clogged and stuff. Tried everything,yet still clogged.
    It sucks. Hopefully it will pop and such, very very soon.
    I want to be able to hear again out of both of my ears!

  159. Luc Says:

    Oh and to add to the previous comment, I had this very bad cold for a couple days! Will the my pop when my cold goes away? I hope it will if that is so, so uh yeah.

  160. eric b. Says:

    thanks for this blog…. i could not hear for 2 weeks. was on cipro 500mg fighting my first episode of sinusitis.
    after reading this site i breathed in and gently blew out holding by nose and mouth closed. one of the posters stated to visualize as if breathing out through your ears. this has in fact worked!!!! it sounded like a scratched record at first but has mammouthly helped. before it was as though i was underwater. before i felt isolated and lethargic. solved!
    thanks again for this site!!!!!!!

  161. eric b. Says:

    note : it took multiple attempt breathing out with mouth and nose closed. the left ear was freed first earlier on. the right took about another 30 min additional attempts. feeling great! thanks again folks!

  162. coco Says:

    no help none what so ever

  163. Stephen W. Says:

    I too had that prob not to long ago (it sucks). I found a site (much like this one) and the first comment that i saw was,
    “Take a tissue and cover your fingers. Next plug your nose. (DO NOT HOLD NOSE!!! As air can still escape). Blow at medium strength until you hear two pops coming from the bad ear. Once complete yawn three times and it will fell better.”

  164. josh Says:

    Same thing happened to me I got on the plane with a sore throat and I think the pressure did something to my ears and when I got off the plane both my ears wouldn’t pop a few mins latter my right ear popped but my left ear woulding about an hour or so latter I held my ears shut for two mins and than held my nose and blew and it popped thank god

  165. Jesse Says:

    Hey. My right ear has popped and refuses to unpop. In fact it is popped right now. I have had it for about 2 or 3 days now and am sick!!! It is in fact my right ear i have tried plugging my nose and blowing (no help) and it just wont seem to go away HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  166. KK Says:

    I have always had inner ear issues since I flew in flight school with a cold. I actually broke a Eustachian tube valve and was grounded for five years. I just got back from a trip and was coming down with a cold. I was going on 48 hours of not hearing and tried everything listed here except sucking a dick, (though I did try sucking a medium medicine I went to my Chiropractor who worked on the pressure relief point for my sinus cavity and 4 hours later I could hear. I do admit I had a couple of vodkas to thin the blood. I normally have congested ears for a week and he really was able to open up the passage and allowed a speedy recovery. If you live in Saint Louis go see Dr Lask, his website listed above. For all others suffering ask local Chiropractors if they can open sinus. Good luck and I think this is the real answer.

  167. Brandon R. Says:

    i hope all of you guys know its just a simple case of blowing your nose very hard

  168. iceman Says:

    I had this problem too I finally got fed up with it and google it…I tried holding my nose and rolling my heading around. It worked afterabout 5 minutes and I can still hear a little bit of water in my ear but my hearing is mostly back

  169. A Says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! im 11 and ive had not gotten my ear to unpop after the plane ride(3 days)………. and i dont have a cold tryed everthing exept gum im elergec!!! :( Please Any one advise?????

  170. reza Says:

    - Try Betaserc (Betahistine) tablets, it will help, at least temporarily, you may want to check with your doctor before, some people have allergy for these thing. Search Wikipedia and read about it.
    - Don’t put anything in your ear.
    - Keep your ear dry, don’t go to bath a lot, no pool…
    - Don’t drink Cocacola or similar drinks
    - No chocolate
    - Don’t do that crazy blowing your nose thing, it may damage your drum.
    - every 2 hours, keep your nose closed with your hand, then swallow your spit 5 times, then let your nose be open, then do it again, you can also put your finger over other ear during this. This will create an inner pressure toward your ear canal.
    - Make sure that you have no problem with your sinus infection by seeing a doctor, otherwise you will need to go for a round of antibiotics also.
    - gums also will help, but their effect is temporary
    - take this serious, found a good doctor, most of them are stupid, you cannot believe that you know more than them about the reason behind this, then don’t trust all of them, ask them to explain the reason, if you found that they don’t get it, simply smile and go to the next…

  171. Angie Says:

    Hi. I have had bronchnitis for 8 weeks, and went to the east coast by plane. I came back..all was fine until I went camping in the Sequoia Nat’l Park for a few days and had to ascend and descend by car..from 5000 elevation. My right ear plugged, and I yawned it off. Then my left ear was stubborn so I yawned, took my zyrtec and then did that maneuver where you blow out with your nose and mouth closed several times. It just got worse. I’m on day 10 of ear pressure and plug in my left ear. I’ve seen the primary care doc twice. I’m on Zyrtec, proair HFA (albuterol) for my wheezing, advair *steroidal inhaler for my bronchitis, and using a neti pot (those little genie looking bottles you use saline solution in to clear your sinus passages everyday). The pain in the ear was worse the first few days but now it’s just a dull uncomfortable feeling. I don’t need advil anymore to ease the pain. But I can’t hear. I’m a teacher and I start teaching next week. I can hear my heart beat, my own breathing, and myself talk as loud as if through a megaphone in my head! And I have to talk all day long when teaching. AHHHHHH! I’m going nuts. I am going in to the see the doctor again and HOPING I get a referral to see an ENT specialist. I’m desperate.

  172. shalu Says:

    My left ear popped this morning. Have no cold nor been on a flight..It’s been 6 hours! Tried everything including googling popped ear which landed me here.. Nothing’s working.. been plugging my nose and blowing constantly..It’s most annoying listening to oneself breathe

  173. Daniel yee Says:

    Let me tell you what worked for me. I took Flight with a bad cold. On decsent my ears were popping bad. After the flight I couldn’t get my right ear to pop. After two days of not being to hear out that ear. I took 2 benadryl and one sudafed. Waited about an hour. Then I took some nasal spray to make sure my nasal passage was nice and clear. Then I laid on the bed with my left ear down on the pillow and my clogged ear up. I covered my nose with my thumbs and pushed air up into my nasal passages. I immediately felt air pressure push into my ear that wasn’t clogged. It was hard to get air to push into my clogged ear. But once I felt air push into the unclogged ear, I continued to push constantly(not harder) untill I finally felt the passage way to my clogged ear start to open slowly. It took a few attempts to finally push air into the passage way going to my clogged ear, but after several trys it worked.I kept doing this over and over again until my ear was finally completely unblocked. What a relief!! The meds brought down the congestion and inflammation and allowed memo be able to push the air through to my ear that wouldn’t pop. It wasn’t easy but it worked. I fly all the time and never had this problem until I flew when I was sick so no doubt that the inflammation in my nasal area caused the problem. Hope this helps.

  174. tinnitus miracle Says:

    Oh my god! I also have the same problem. Just hoping that it solve itself in a few days or I’m going to visit a doctor. I hope it’s not a sign for tinnitus or anything.

  175. Deena Says:

    I suffer from clogged ears (on and off). It started about 33 years ago. I turned my head to the left and felt a pull in my throat. A week later my rt. ear clogged. Obviously I had a weakness in my throat (muscles)that caused the muscle pull and clogged rt. ear. My ear opened up after about a year and a half. Since then my rt. ear has been sensitive to clogging. But thank the Lord it has opened after a short while. Perhaps many of you people have a weakness that causes a lot of your clogging. Try Sudafed and a lot of swallowing.

  176. James Says:

    I just flew with bad congestion but before my flight I went to Walgreens and bought these earplugs called Earplanes. They cost about $7.00. They’re designed to help when flying and you can’t get your ears to equalize in pressure. They worked. They’re only good for about 2 flights but they do work as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. Hope this helps

  177. Bad ear Says:

    The steam trick slowly helped for me! Thanks.

  178. Hannah Says:

    I got a bad cold and i started feeling like i had an ear infection in my left ear.. So i went to the doctor.. I live in the mountains and on the drive down to the doctor my right ear wouldn’t pop.. I tried to make it pop over and over again.. The day went by and still nothing.. On the drive back to my house my left ear started having a similar problem. Long story short… 4 days later my right ear will pop a little bit but it closes back up.. My left ear on the otherhand won’t pop at all.. And I’ve tried pretty much EVERYTHING.

  179. linda Says:

    my ear hurts right now and it wont stop and it wont pop

  180. maria miliqueen Says:

    omg im 11 ive tried everything! my left ear wont budge! im upset so much i hope it leave MARIA.

  181. ro Says:

    Olbas oil breathe in through mouth and nose. Commit and your passages will soon unblock. Love Olbas oil

  182. Mark Uy Says:

    well I tried poking my ear with my pinky trying to make it pop back, it eventually work although i kinda had a harder time while my nose was very congested. it helps when you try to clear your nose first or breath in really hard so that your nose would clear up and then try making it pop with your pinky. BUT DON’T POKE TOO HARD. :))

  183. Logan Says:

    I had the same problem as well, its odd however, because for me its been the left ear. After taking plenty if nsaid’s, I can plug my nose and blow to un pop it, but it re-clogs after a couple hours…

  184. Brittany Says:

    Flew back from Vegas on Saturday, and it is tuesday now.. left ear still won’t pop, don’t want to have to dish out the money to go see an ENT if it will go away on it’s own, but seems iffy to just wait and not have a professional tell me what the heck to do about it. Annoyed and frustrated because Vegas already took all my damn money and now this has to happen on the flight back. Really great Christmas for me this was. ugh

  185. allison Says:

    well… for me, i just stuck a q-tip up my nose and tickled until i sneezed, then blew my nose, then repeated the process. it had been 5 days that my ears wouldn’t pop

  186. Donna Says:

    No flying issues here just had a cold/upper respiratory virus since Thanksgiving. It’s now January 4th and I’m just starting to feel better. But that’s after being sick for what? 7 weeks or so? Everyone in the northern Baltimore area is getting this crap and it’s lasting 4-6 weeks. The last 10 days or so I’ve had this ear popping issue. My 8 yr old daughter we just had to give her something to make her sleep so she’d stop screaming & crying cuz all she could do was hear her heartbeat in her ear. My husband had it 4 days, and now me for 10 and counting.

    1st trip to the doc (after hours care) he said it’s a virus & gave me robitussin with codeine and a benzotate? pill to stop the cough. Two days later (Thurs before Xmas) I started vomiting & the big D. That lasted 24hrs. Then the rest of the cold remained but I had nausea and my ears wouldn’t pop. It started in the left, and eventually became both.

    I returned to the doc, this time my regular, and he said it was the virus that caused everything. The mucous was in overabundance in my system causing what had happened over Xmas, and the blocking of my eustachean tubes. Otherwise, I wasn’t infected. He gave me an antibiotic with steroid, Flonase, and a decongestant liquid which I seem to only be able to take @ night since it makes me sleepy as crap.

    I’ve been on these meds for a week now. My head is clearer, but I cannot hear dammit.

  187. kevin Says:

    haha same problem its the cold if you have a cold it fucks ur ears up cause of the build up of mucus no solution though haha

  188. paul Says:

    Thanks to the comments here I’ve been healed! Airplane and bad cold caused the problem.
    Someone here said they turned head upside down, so I tried that. Laid on the bed (on my back) dropped head over edge and it wasn’t immediate but within a couple minutws, VIOLA. Also needed to repeat the process a couple time.

  189. Joey l. Schmidt Says:

    I have eustation tube dysfunction, which means the tubes behind your ears that give you the pop when you need it, doesn’t function properly. I was diagnosed with this last year, and has been a nightmare ever since. 30% of the time on not feeling any pressure and I don’t have to try and pop my ears, but the rest of the time I’m screwed. Every cold it seems as of I’m on an airplane, and it just doesnt seem to go away. After the cold I still feel problems for a week or two. My suggestion would be to yawn very hard, or keep trying as it will fail sometimes. Don’t lay down as much because leaving your ears stationary will never help.

  190. Catherine Says:

    Guys, had the same trouble (mountain holiday, cold, flight home, ear wouldn’t pop) but laughed so much reading all the daft advice, it popped after a few hours! Thanks.

  191. Dortha Says:

    I flew in December 2011 and my right,(yes right) ear stopped up and has been ever since. That is over 2 months now so I completely understand why everyone is going crazy!!! I too have tried almost everything to no avail. I am going to hang my head upside down from my bed and try some of the remedies while upside down. I am desperate!!! I’ll let you know if it works~

  192. Dortha Says:

    Nope, didn’t work for me:( I guess I am going to be looking into an ENT specialist because I can’t take this anymore and I am flying again the end of April so it has to be fixed by then.

  193. Amber Says:

    I took a 2 hr. flight despite a bad cold/sinus infection. During ascent, I had to work very hard to get my ears to equalize. Upon descent, they would not pop ONCE despite all my efforts.. As the pain increased, my hearing continually decreased (voices of people talking seemed to get smaller & more distant). I could not believe the level of pain, and I was concerned that my eardrums would POP! Descent has never felt so long, I cried tears of pain during the last part, it hurt so badly. I didn’t take my connecting fligh after that, being afraid of a repeated experience, and even though we had landed, I was now about 70% deaf!!! 9 hours later, my right ear partially equalized, (yay), & I tried some funny sounding advice from here to fix the problem further. I laid on my back on the bed, while letting my head hang over the edge of the bed.. Nothing ’till… I opened my mouth, and moved my jaw slowly, in every conceivable direction.. And was rewarded with a POP in my right ear and a little bit of movement in the left… Maybe after a steamy shower and some medication I’ll try the head hanging down thing again (to clear the other ear, where I am hearing the whooshing of my pulse).. Good luck to everyone, I bet we all come out of this with a greater awareness of, and appreciation for our precious sense of HEARING.. I know I will anyway. ~as I write with ringing in my ears which I look forward to NOT hearing for very much longer..~

  194. Guest Says:

    Broeck…..THANK YOU!

    What did the trick for me was really tilting my head to the side (so that the bad ear is towards the sky) and THEN closing my mouth and my nose with my hand and blowing gently. Just closing mouth and nose and blowing had absolutely no effect until I tilted my head.

    So thanks, maybe I can get some sleep tonight after all.

  195. Lesley Says:

    Thank God for this blog! After my 3rd bout with upper resp/cold since Jan., I had to fly home from a wonderful cruise with my mom despite my nose blowing. Our descent was long & slow because of severe wind, and the pressure in both my ears was unbearable. I popped my left one, but the RIGHT just crackled & I lost my hearing! It really scared me on top of the bumpy plane ride! This morning my RIGHT ear was still clogged. I took a shower, blew my nose a lot, & bent down at my waist. Ear unpoped almost completely!I got to my doc quickly, & he prescribed super antibiotics & Afrin to unplug ears. Right ear crackled, popped, & keeps cracking, but at least I can hear & pressure is gone. Pharmacist was helpful & recommended EarPlanes ear plugs which I bought and will use when I hear, “final descent” from now on. P.S. I had many ear infections as a kid, especially in my left ear and mumps on my left side. But it’s my right hear that can never pop! Go figure! I hope this all goes away by tomorrow!

  196. rick Says:

    Do you still have that condom stuck in your ear?

  197. Gigi Says:

    Omg both of my ears are still plugged and it’s been 7 hrs since my flight!!! Omg I’m freaking out!! And I have a terrible cold!!!! Helllllllppppppppppp!!!!

  198. Mcrash Says:

    Awesome blog post, thanks William. Flew back from New Orleans 9 days ago, with a sore throat. I had fallen asleep with sealed ear phones on for the descent. Woke up with very painful earache. Ears were okay until 6 days ago – left ear just clogged up mid afternoon and has not popped for any length of time since. Trying: homeopathic ear drops, polysporin ear drops, penicilin, nasal spray & claritin. Will update when it pops. Fingers crossed, this is the worst! But trace back to flying with a cold for sure, headphones made it worse.

  199. ty Says:

    GAHHH this is absoulutely terrible its only been about three hours since my right hear wont pop and I am loosing my mind, this has started after about of a week of ear problems, now I can only hear my heart and breathing, this is fucking miserable! I have tried many of the treatments and none of them work. I am terrified if this can go on for years. Suicide seems like the only acceptable option at this point.

  200. ace Says:


  201. Mcrash Says:

    It took almost a month and a second round of antibiotics – this time amoxicilin, but finally – popped.

  202. Anon Says:

    Seriously was deaf in one ear. Flew over to France with a cold, ears were bad on the descent from the pressure, got off the plane and left ear popped but not right. A few hours later was in bath and right eat popped however, an hour after this I tried to clean my ear out with a cotton bud and the right ear went deaf again, tried everything but seriously lie upside down with your head dangling off the edge and chew something I ate an apple and it started vigorously popping before it became clear!! Hope this helps xx

  203. Sarah Says:

    Can’t handle some of these answers. Here’s how your ear works. There are 3 sections to your ear. The outer ear and canal and the middle section are filled with air. The pressure has to be the same in both otherwise the ear drum is stretched and strained. When your ears ‘pop’ you’re equalising the pressure in your middle ear to your outer ear. To equalise ear pressure, there is something called the eustachian tube which extends from the middle ear to the back of your throat near your nose. When you swallow, blow your nose, yawn etc, this usually makes particular muscles open the tube in the throat. When you have an ear infection, it drains through here. When you have a cold, mucus build up goes into the eustachian tube, clogging it (tip- blow your nose with your mouth open to help prevent this). When flying, the pressure change is more extreme and because te tube is clogged, it can’t equalise pressure efficiently. There is no opening between you outer ear and and your middle ear, unless your ear drum is torn.
    Putting your head upside will cause fluid and mucus to go deeper into your middle ear cavity. Drinking, blowing your nose, yawning, chewing gum will help as these use the same muscle that opens the eustachian tube. It will take time to clear your ears and for pressure to be restored if you have a cold. And it will hurt. If its still there hours later, block your nose, keep you lips sealed and blow. Don’t do this often or too extremely as it will rupture you ear drum. You don’t want that.
    If it continues more than a day, see your doctor!! It’s not good.
    Menieres disease will also cause balance problems. See your doctor or an audiologist if you think you may have it.
    Look up eustachian tubes for more information. There are some remedies you can take if you are prone to air pressure problems when flying. Don’t be hesitant to see a doctor, they’ll be able to help even just to put your mind at rest.

  204. Kristen Says:

    Took my initial flight from the midwest to Florida with a bad cold on Saturday for a wedding….turned around and got on my return flight on Monday. My ears hate me and I hate them right now. The cold I have is definitely making things worse. Its Thursday now, and my left ear refuses to go back to normal. Like others have said, I’ve tried everything…gum, blowing with my nose closed, yawning…nothing helps. I’m at work, so I can’t hang upside down from anything without my co-workers looking at me like I’m nuts. I’m definitely going to get some sudafed and hang upside down when I get home. This needs to END!

  205. chloe Says:

    someone please help me pop me are please it hurts and im only 13 yrs of age please i have tryed everything

  206. Andy Says:

    I have this too! And the thing is, It’s in my left ear! But at least I can hear, but it’s so annoying, trying the ear-flap thing, nothing helps, I’m so sick of this and it has been only like 12 hours, GOD HELP ME!

  207. blanket Says:

    I took a 14 hour flight and for me it’s the LEFT ear that won’t unplug. I also have a cold and am at the thick yellow mucus stage. I also had on noise-cancelling headphones for a great deal of the flight.

    I have allergy issues so I often experience painful descents and extreme pressure issues when flying. Normally, putting my forefingers on the cartilage flaps at the entrance of the eardrums and pushing them in and out during flight helps to relieve pressure for me. Also, holding the ear cartilage flaps closed and rubbing them in clockwise and counterclockwise circles also brings relief. I also take Allegra around the time of my flights as this helps as well. Didn’t do that this time as I was already doing Nyquil for my cold.

    This time it’s different as my ear is PLUGGED! Has been 12 hours since arriving. Will try to be loyal and report back.

    Will now go and listen to some “pop” music.

  208. man without a name Says:

    It’s been 1 week after I landed and my left ear still won’t pop. I didn’t even have a cold when it started.
    So frustrating that I can’t really hear…

  209. cp3 Says:

    Ditto with the many mentioned issues. Went skiing in Aspen for a few days. Had a sore throat for a few days just prior to getting there. The sore throat then went ‘north’ (as usual) to my sinuses the night prior to us flying back home to San Diego. On the drive from Aspen to Denver Int’l, an elevation drop of over 3000′, I first felt the effects of the pressure on my sinuses. That was nothing compared to the decent of the plane to our first connecting city airport. Excrutiating pain and discomfort. On the last leg of the trip, as soon as the plane got to cruising altitude (25,000′), my ears popped, reopened and all good again, UNTIL the decent into SD. Ears/Eustachian Tubes blocked bilaterally, right it seems more so than left. But, both. Tinnitus (ringing) continues with ‘pressure’.
    It will be (3) days tonight since flight returned but not the ‘un-popping’. Doing the standard home-care..
    Decongestants, OTC nasal spray (Afrin), plus had my college frat brother (now a physician) ‘call in’ meds to a pharmacy..His advice; I’m on Zithromax now and Nasonex (Cortico steroid nasal spray) All of those plus mucinex DM to thin out mucus accumulation anywhere is the hope…from all accounts and reading, its a ‘bad timing’ thing having head-pressure/sinusitis, etc and having to or choosing to fly….It is frustrating and at times, maddening as I can hear, but as everyone else has already mentioned over and over again, the muffled hearing, ringing, etc can be irritating (no pun intended) and make you a bit stir crazy (if the decongestants don’t)…
    Everyone wants a ‘quick fix’. What person doesn’t? That’s society. I do as well, but apparently it’s a time thing. Swelling and pressure will have to subside before the eustachian tubes are ready to operate optimally and equalize the pressures from middle ear and outer……I just wish, as all do, it would be more quickly!

  210. Samuel Says:

    It’s hilarious how many people have commented on this with the same condition. I’ve found it just takes a few days or check out a chiropractor. Some people avoid them like the plague but they can cure a ridiculous amount of problems with few tweaks to your spine.

  211. balls Says:

    Okay everyone, if you have a cold your nose is usually blocked, when your nose is blocked your ears pop. When the cold goes away they should go back to normal, if they don’t, you might have a wax problem, just put baby oil in your ear canal, then take a shower to wash it out (well that’s what the pharmacist said :p)

  212. Claire colorado Says:

    I have severe barotrauma previously after flying with a bad head cold. I was on the extreme end of the spectrum as I required surgery as it was so severe. I ended with a raging infection, steriods, antibiotics injected into my ear drum, my ears cleaned out four times a week, & resulted with temporary vertigo & hearing loss! My balance was also terrible for 4 months. Take this very seriously people! I’m ok now & hearing improving all the time but now have permanent ear tubes for life!

    I also work for a ENT surgeon so pretty experienced with ear issues also (go figure). Issues with “ears popping” usually always happen on descent. Your Eustachian tubes (tiny channels sinus ears) struggle to unblock due to pressure or obstruction. That causes the “pop” or inability to “pop” your ears. Majority of the time it will go away in time, usually resolves spontaneously. Decongestants, antihistamines, pain relief, alternative therapies, steam, chewing & anything that is an expectorant that dries up mucus membranes can help. Everyone is different find what works for you.

    However, please be very careful doing the following:
    1. Do place cotton tips in ears & fiddle with fingers in ears. Can cause more damage & give you possible infection
    2. Careful Holding your nose & blowing hard. Persistent actions can cause way more damage. It can place more pressure in the ear drum & causing trauma. This can damage your ear further. DON’T keep doing this regularly!
    4. Careful with long term use if steroid sprays. They can give your allergic rhinitis or cause further problems if not used as they are indicated!
    3 dont suffer in silence! see a dr or even better an ENT. Your health & hearing is your life so look after yourself & seek expert advice!

  213. fed up england Says:

    i went on a long haul flight and when i returned i lost my voice for about a week. no signs of a cold or pain in my throat.
    4 years on and my ear is still blocked. i have tried everything.
    i have been to see ENT specialists twice all they are interested in is that i don’t fail hearing tests. it’s like being stuck in your own head! when i am eating i can only hear myself chewing.
    i got to the stage where i wanted to put a knitting needle in my ear!
    if anyone has managed to clear their ear after this amount of time please let me know

  214. Kylie Says:

    Fold in your ear flap and open your mouth as wide as you can …. it will eventually pop

  215. traffic Says:

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  217. alex Says:

    For those who are still having trouble I finally got my ear to pop after 2 days reading through your wonderful comments. The best way is to plug your nose and imagine you are breathing air out of your ears, just don’t blow too hard. I did this and my ear finally popped, thanks guys :)

  218. Kyle Says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for all of your fantastic ideas, I flew today with a bad cold, cough and a sore throat, on descent my right ear didn’t pop properly and we landed at 8, from then till now for the past 4 hours it has been annoying me so much, I tried most things I saw but I found that poking your finger in and out of your ear for 30 seconds then lying with your head off of a bed was the thing that worked for me, still not 100% but it feels so much better, again thanks for your great advice!

  219. Mel Says:

    Hi everyone i looked it up on pinterest after two agonising days of ear block & aches after my flight and this helped me big time:
    1). Half a cup of any raw rice into a sock preferrably a ankle sock so u can wrap it over twice as into a shape of a ball or pouch
    2). microwave for 30-40sec and it should be fairly hot and steaming a bit.
    3). Place on pillow, then when sock has cooled down enought to safely put ear on try lying down on ear that aches, place ear on the sock and try and sleep with it that way.
    The steam from the rice/heat helped soothe the pain big time!!
    It helped hugely- i did this once and woke in the middle of night to pain so i tried it again and woke up with fluid from my ear on pillow ewww but pain was gone and it helped unblock it. My ear was completely unblocked by midday from doin that only twice over night!!
    Hope that made sense

  220. Chris Says:

    Hey everyone. Been trying to get my ears to pop for hours. I think I’m gonna try to clean out my ears with Hydrogen Peroxide. That usually helps to clean out the ears well. I suggest you guys try it as well. Anything is worth a shot at this point, Right?

  221. Toni Says:

    My left ear won’t unpop tried everything simple like holding your nose and that! It really annoys me! Had it for two weeks and got it when I came out of shower so it could just be water but tried everything apart from going to the doctors. Anyone help me? Dunno what to do!!!! 😔 thanks 😘 Toni

  222. lewis Says:

    Wow, think I’m the first of 2015! Keeping it short, I had a head cold and got attacked and kicked in the head. Sore throat started, bunged up, then both my ears felt bunged up too. Blew nose trick, right ear fine left ear stayed blocked. Had really bad pain that night, found anti inflammatory helped with pain, and a little pressure. Now though I am having small discharge so will go ENT if not better by Monday. If a company could find a cure, they would make millions! Yes, this ear issue is making me emmense angry, I may kill someone…..

  223. BROCK Says:

    Same thing to help hold your nose and blow that helps me

  224. Jacob Says:

    Took a flight from Houston to Boston, after being stuck in that hell hole of a state for a day because of boston tundra. Had head cold, knew it was a bad idea, but had to fly next day, direct, which was great! I take around 150 flights every 36 months. The last time I had airplane ear was around 4 years ago and it was ALWAYS on delta flights only. This was southwest. Regardless, right ear (naturally), is unpopped (back to normal status) and its 5 days since landing. The pain is unbearable at times. From someone who got this a few times, the VERY worst thing you can do is bed rest. Be active, get adrenaline pumping, sweat, go for a bike ride, make your nose run, and then blow out all that gunk that is stuffed up. Sadly I have a really bad viral infection, but I refuse to pay someone at an ER to tell me what I already know, and getting AMOX is pretty easy if you ask around. I feel all your pain my children :_)

  225. Deaf but no cold! Says:

    Most people get a cold after flying because of all of the germs in a confined space for a number of hours. My parents fly about 5 times a year and my mum says they put tee tree oil/cream up thir noses when they fly which prevents them getting colds. Not sure about the popped ears though!!

  226. Ryan V Says:

    I have never, ever commented on blogs of this nature when I’m googling advice for random things but I woke up 13 hours ago with my LEFT ear popped and it hasn’t returned to normal. It’s killing me. I can’t stand it and I’ve tried almost everything mentioned above. Doctor just said take pain killers to ease the discomfort until I get over my cold. It’s a living hell!

  227. Barry Says:

    Hey, looks like its been a year since anyone sounded off on this God forsaken problem, so for hope, it will pop sooner. Its been three weeks, was driving blue ridge Mt. with a bad sore throat,get home in Winchester Va.not feeling good. The right ear is not coming back from the Mt. drive. So thought Id use the scuba method and held my noise blow very hard,that was not! a good thing to do. INSTANT my hearing was lost somewhat.And almost as bad loud RINGING. Went to Doctor taking steroids,noise solutions,ear drops,nasalspray stuff, Simply Saline arm&hammer and all the other hot towel tea in the ear and have had very little relief. But it is getting better its just so damn slowly getting better. Pray to God in Jesus name, Come Back hearing. That prayer is for YOU. Say yes to Jesus.

  228. Phil Says:

    Extended release sudafed has helped me with this problem

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