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Who Said It? Gore or the Unabomber?

Friday, January 26th, 2007

With the recent fuss about the Unabombers personal effects, I heard on the radio about an online quiz testing to see if people could tell the difference between Al Gore and the Unabomber:

I scored a 33%. What’d you get?

Google Suggests Submiting Credit Card Numbers in Plaintext?

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

This advice is so spectacularly bad, I have to wonder if it really did come from Google:

Minor Google Security Lapse Obscures Ongoing Online Data Risk

Google also encourages users to use its search engine as a free credit card and Social Security number monitoring service for Web-based content. “We also suggest that individuals create Google Alerts for their credit card and Social Security numbers,” the company recommends. “You can be notified once a day or once a week if a new result appears on Google for this query.”

Uhh, doesn’t Google Alerts submit data in clear text? As well as display it back, including the suggested credit card number, in clear text? Yes, yes it does. Check it yourself.

It’s a bad idea to submit private information such as credit card numbers, social security, etc. over the Internet, unless it’s a secure connection (e.g., when you see https and not http). Which, as of now, Google Alerts doesn’t even allow.

Making things worse, there’s an email confirmation off your alert. That in of itself is a Good Thing and prevents someone else for creating alerts for me. But if I enter my credit card, I now get a clear text email of my credit card number. Never, never, never email credit card numbers around. And if you get one with your’s it, play it safe, cancel the card, and send a very, very nastygram to the merchant.

Update: Turns out it is from Google: “We also suggest that individuals create Google Alerts for their credit card and social security numbers.”

My Ear Won’t Pop

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

I flew back to LA this afternoon, several hours ago in fact, and my right ear still hasn’t popped. I have a cold, with congestion focused especially on the right side of my sinuses. For whatever reason, that seems to be keeping that ear from popping. I’ve tried yawning (a lot), chewing gum, holding my nose and blowing… everything, but nothing.

My left one popped right after landing (per usual), but the right one simply refuses. So now everything sounds funny. Really funny. The left ear hears normal, but through my right ear, it’s like I’m still on the plane. It could be the cold, but it seems this audio disconnect is giving my brain a headache to boot.

As if being sick wasn’t unpleasant enough.

Man, this sucks.

Randy’s Back!

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Randy Couture
Pink shorts? Well, they started white.,1,3219199.story

Randy Couture, a former Ultimate Fighting Championship title holder in two weight classes, has announced he is returning to competition to fight heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia in March.

Couture, 43, twice won the UFC’s heavyweight and light-heavyweight belts. He claims victories over current light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and the division’s former champion, Tito Ortiz.

Couture (14-8) retired in February 2006, following a knockout loss at the hands of Liddell. He was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, yet later expressed some criticism of Sylvia’s “conservative” fighting style.

Sylvia (25-2) won a decision in November over Jeff Monson in a fight that was littered with booing by an Arco Arena crowd critical of the inaction.

“It’s hard to be around fighters and around this sport as much as I am and not want to compete,” Couture said in a statement released by UFC. “I just think that while I’m still physically capable of beating these guys and competing, it seems like the right time.”

The Sylvia-Couture fight will serve as the main event March 3 at UFC 68, which will take place at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Former UFC champions Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin are also scheduled to fight on the card.

Randy retired after losing twice to Chuck Liddell in the light heavyweight division. The step back into the ring at the heavyweight class is a smart one. It never was a question of Randy being strong or skilled enough; Chuck was just too fast. His punches would fly in, delivering (I believe) the only two knockouts of Randy’s long career.

Some could attribute that to age (Randy retired in his early 40s, from a sport dominated by guys in their 20s), but then again, Chuck proves too fast for just about everyone. Sylvia doesn’t have a lot of speed himself, so Randy has a real shot at winning this.

I’ve never seen a UFC fight in person, and was seriously thinking this might be a fun one to fly out to Vegas for. Alas, it’s not in Sin City, but Columbus. People of Ohio, you lucky bastards.

This message was not brought to you by Xyience, but how can you have anything UFC related with a Xyience ad?

Calvin & Hobbes RSS Feed Fixed

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

First Calvin & Hobbes
A few folks noticed that my Calvin & Hobbes RSS feed recently broke, due to a site re-org over on ucomics (where the C&H comics actually live). The fix was pretty simple. Should be working now.

And, as if some bit of cosmic karma, my wish in the post announcing it — that This American Life start offering their dandy show in mp3 — is now true.

In another piece of cosmic something, I remember I hadn’t gotten my deposit back yet from my last apartment… at exactly the same time that oh-so-beautiful iPhone comes out.

Is this the universe trying to tell me to get one? You be the judge. Actually, screw that. It’s my damn money; I’ll be the judge. And the answer yes. A million times yes. I so, so, so want one.

And I told Craig I’d blog this. Over lunch, Khayman & I still worked into an Apple lust frenzy, we mentioned how the iPhone can show dashboard widgets, like weather. Meaning I’ll never be outside wondering what the weather is like again.

Mii Me!

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

If you have a Wii, here’s my Mii code:

4279 8768 4131 2197

Who would have thought shooting rabbits with plungers would be so fun?