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Dinosaurs Per Gallon

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

It’s good to know that my Jeep gets 6,900 to 7,820 miles per T. Rex.

The Nintendo DS Virus

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite - Polar White

I think it was Neb who finally pushed me over the fence of getting a DS. Nick, at our work lunches, had planted the seed — telling me how the gameplay was fun & Brain Age in particular rocked. Neb confirmed all that, plus filled me in the wireless capabilities. You could play Mario Kart with a bunch of people in your living room, or you can play across the Internet. Did the include being able to play Tetris against others online? Yep, it did. Ohhhhhhhh. Now I really wanted one.

Hence, when my Mom & I visited my brother in Seattle last October, they got me one, plus a few games including Brain Age. Brain Age was fun off the bat. Heck even my mom could play it. In fact, not only could she play it, but she liked it, to the extent of telling Jimmy to hurry up because it was her turn.

I left a few days later, but now having seen mine, Jimmy decides he wants one & goes out and gets one. Now that he has one, his girlfriend, Aarthy wants one, so she goes out and gets one. Jimmy & I bring our DS’es to my sister’s (where we’re spending Thanksgiving) and she’s decided she wants one (which we’re giving her for her birthday, later today).

So in the span of about a month, it’s gone from one DS purchase to four.

If that’s not a catchy game system, I don’t know what is.

Here’s the funny thing: My DS costs, what, about $120? Games run $20-$30. My 360 cost something like $500? (And that’s before the extra controllers, the recharge packs, the Xbox Live membership, etc.) Games typically cost $60. Yet even if you put price aside and I was stranded on a desert island with only one of them, which would I pick? The DS.
Graphics, schmapics. The DS is just more fun than a 360.

Goodbye, Movable Type. Hello, WordPress.

Friday, November 24th, 2006

What started off as a simple effort to change the look-and-feel of my blog has resultant in full-scale abandonment of Movable Type.

First off, it’s near impossible to find alternative templates for MT. Try it. Why? Well, for some God-only-knows reason, they decided to call them styles. Despite calling them “Templates” in their UI, in the Nav, and not making any mention to the fact that they might be called styles.


After making that discovering, I found out something else — I’d have to throw-out my customized templates. Annoying, but fine. I discard them only to fine, nope they won’t. I install the additional plugin needed. Still doesn’t work. Maybe cached style-sheets? Shift-reload. Nope. New browser, nope.


Jimmy, Rick, Craig all use WordPress. Maybe I should give that a try. So I figure I’ll start the pain of that installation (and migration of my MT content) tomorrow.

I was a bit reluctant. WP is in PHP, and I hate PHP. But fuck it.

Here’s the funny bit: I spent about a quarter of the time getting WP full installed as I did futzing with MT. (And no, not because it was in PHP.) It seems the WP guys have just spent more time making things easier. MT, on the other hand, seems to have frozen in time. Not too surprising with Six Apart (creators of MT) spending most of their effort on Typepad etc.

Tweaking layouts seemed easier, and I was pleased with the number of anti-spam plugins. (This was a MAJOR headache for me until I hacked together the “type Chicago” solution.)

Anyway, I’ve tried to setup redirects where I can, including for my RSS feeds. If somethings broken or not working, just give me a hollar.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve Moved

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Goodbye Pasadena, Hello West Hollywood.

  • To everyone who helped me move, much love.

  • To my new neighbor, from whom I’m leeching Internet, much love.

  • Hamburger Mary‘s Kobe Burger is quite possibly the best on the planet. (And yes, it’s worth $17.)

  • New place is great; I’ll post more pics once I’m more settled.

  • First walk to work is tomorrow. K & B say it will take 20 minutes. Not bad considering driving to work one day last week took an hour thirty-five.

Borat: Is Good. I like.

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

This afternoon I went with Sang & Carrie to go see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The only thing is I can say is that, without any exaggeration, I left with my sides physically hurting.

Please Stop Splicing Your Feed

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Blogs are great. With blogs I can follow the writings of people I find interesting.

RSS is great too. With RSS I can follow millions of different sites without having to visit everyone just to see if anything new posted. With RSS I can also do other things like subscribe to someone’s Flickr feed to see news photos as they take them, or to their delicious bookmarks feed to see links as they add them.

What’s annoying is when user’s willy-nilly mix them together. That is, I subscribe to your blog feed, which, crazy as it sounds, I expect to give me, you know, your blog. But instead of just your blog, I also get every single damn picture you ever take on your camera phone. I also get every damn link you come across on the Internet. Or whatever else damn thing people can think of shoehorn in their feed in an attempt to seem prolific or “in the loop.”

In Internet-land, this combination of feeds into one is called splicing.

In Bill-land, it’s called fucking annoying.

Stop it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having feeds for photos. And for links. Heck, I even subscribe to a few linkblogs.

Go ahead, provide feeds for photos & links if you think it’ll be interesting. But don’t make that my only option. Even go ahead and have a ‘fat feed’ that spices together you blog with your links with your photos with the temperature in your refrigerator. Just don’t make that your only option.

Doing so violates not just one rule, but two. First, it violates Bill’s Third Rule:

Never annoy your users.

Second, it violates Bill’s Forth Rule (A.k.a. Bill’s Rule of Least Surprise):

It should be obvious what your feed contains.

If you have a feed associated with a blog, that feed should contain the contents of that blog and only that blog. You can have other feeds. But call out those feeds as different and note the differences.

Long ago, it used be just FeedBurner that would encourage this annoying characteristic. But given the recent increase, it looks like both MyWeb and let you do it now too. Ugh.

All of you stop it. You’re violating the Second Rule:

Don’t be annoying.

Halp Us

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006