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Blog Spam

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

Earlier today, I received another piece of comment spam in my blog.

Iíve read how itís increasingly common, with some bloggers installing software like MT Blacklist or going so far as to disable comments all together. (But really only commie pinkos like Khayman do that.)

Since I havenít gotten that much blog spam, I just log in and delete it. Iím notified via email when new comments are posted, so it works reasonable well. Only when deleting todayís piece of spam I noticed a lot of other comment spam. A lot.

The ones I hadnít noticed where really blatant. Links to viagra & what not. It took me a second, but I realized what was going on. The email notifications about the blog spam where being eaten by spam assassin! Damn it.

So screw it. I spent the 10 minutes and installed MT Blacklist. Spammers, I hate you more than ever.

Let My People Go!

Thursday, March 4th, 2004

It turns out my people had sued for preferential treatment in assigning emergency exit row on airlines but lost.

As someone who is 6í6Ē, let me tell you how much your little people world sucks. Cars have absolutely no leg room. Long enough pants & proper shoe sizes are impossible to find. Door frames hang too low. Beds are too short. To your companyís ergo team, youíre a walking T-Rex. One friends talks of taking you back to Korea to use a food source for his village, while another has plans to cut you open like a tauntaun should it ever get cold. Everything on this planet was design you and the rest of the midgets.

Next time it rains, Iím not giving any of you a heads up anymore. And if this keeps up, the other tall people and I are getting together to eat you.

jwz rocks

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

Few things on the Internet are better when jwz gets a serious bug up his as:

I would really hate to be this guy. Actually, Jamie’s wrath aside, I would hate this be this guy simply because he changed his first name to from is David to Rys.