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Vivek has a Blog!

Thursday, March 27th, 2003

My buddy, Vivek, has gotten his own blog! Based on the name I’m going to guess he’s going to be talking about Law, Politics, & the Economy.

Pragmatic Programmer Interview

Monday, March 17th, 2003 has a terrific interview with Pragmatic Programmers Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas. If you haven’t picked up their book, Pragmatic Programming, you really should.

Allow agent forwarding

Monday, March 10th, 2003

$putty_cool_factor *= 10;

Putty’s cool factor just went up an order of magnitude.

I ditched secureCRT for Putty some time ago. Two things initially promoted the move:

  • The need to not only ssh but scp between unix & windows boxen.
  • Putty was free.

However, once in Putty, many thing convienced me I made the right move:

  • Putty’s support for color (both in xterm & in emacs).
  • Less clutterly windows. (Putty much more closely resembles an xterm.)
  • Paegant (i.e. ssh-agent)
  • Starting sessions via putty @<session> (although since XP drops ‘@’ from shortcuts, the utility of this has somewhat declined).

Some of these may have improved in SecureCRT since I’ve left it world, so forgive me if my information is data. Once I left SecureCRT, I never looked back. ;-)

Today I just found out Putty has something even cooler:

  • Allow agent forwarding

(If you don’t use ssh-agent, skip all of this. Just know that Putty rocks.)

Previously I would need the equivalent of two ssh-agents running. One to open the connection to my work-station & get a bash shell. The second would come from once on my work station, I would have to run have to run:

> ssh-agent /usr/local/bin/bash
> ssh-add

to subsequently hope around to other machines.

Putty’s “Allow agent forwarding” gets your around that whole second mess & instead forwards the agent from your first connection to your subsequent connections on the remote machine.


Net::Blogger Rocks!

Thursday, March 6th, 2003

Net::Blogger Rocks! Before, when publishing to Sang’s Links, I had to use an HTML hack to get around the fact that Frontier::Client didn’t allow you to pass a title. With Net:Blogger you can — kick ass!